Sunday, June 02, 2019

Home Style || Summer Dining With Asda

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I love Summer and as food lovers, getting outdoors for picnics and barbecues is definitely one of the highlights each year. This year we've been enjoying cooking outdoors for the past month or so on sunny days and it just makes you feel happy being in the fresh air and cooking outside of the kitchen for a change. The kids love picnics too and we quite often go after school when I surprise them with a packed full picnic bag instead of our usual walk home.

This week, Asda kindly sent us some of their summer range to try out, including their new 'donut burgers' which I'll show you further down this post. First though, is the beautiful range called the Lemon Soul picnic set. We were sent a large salad bowl, four large plates and four small plates, as well as my favourite - the circular mandala style picnic rug which has it's own straps and is super easy to fold away again - always good!

This set is perfect for picnics, especially with kids around as it's light weight, sturdy and easy to wash. Our picnic blanket had it's first outing in half term and it's the perfect size for our family of four, with a waterproof base and soft top layer for sitting comfortably. This matches the plates which I love and all ties together really well both in and out the house.

As mentioned, we also got to try out the donut burgers, with some of their own brand condiments, salad, cheese and bagels. I wasn't expecting much more from a burger with a hole, but actually I love that it fits perfectly inside a bagel and the hole meant extra crispy beef parts in the middle - win win!

We all loved the new donut style burgers and are really happy with our picnic set which will see a lot of use this summer, in our garden, after school in the park and on family days out. There are lots of summer themed accessories for our barbecues and picnics right now at Asda as well as the most beautiful garden dining sets which we may just have invest in next!

Have you embraced BBQ season just yet?