Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Home Style || 5 Ways To Update Your Hallway

Home Style // Collaborative Post

With busy family life, our homes experience a lot of wear and tear. From rainy days and muddy wellies, to soggy dogs and multiple school runs, our halls need more help than any other aspect of our homes to keep clean, safe and looking good. The hallway is the first thing we see when entering the home, so it's a great place to start if you're venturing on home improvements this year.

Updating your hall can be a breath of fresh air as your enter or leave the home, so it makes sense to be suitable for your family's needs and reflect the style of your home. If your hallway is looking a little tired from the day to day foot fall, then check out these five ideas for updating yours.

Update the Flooring

When it comes to choosing flooring, pick something that is up to the job of withstanding the wear and tear of the family coming in and out the house. Patterned tiles, vinyl and engineered wood flooring tend to be the most popular, with plenty of options for colour and design from herringbone and traditional patterned tiles coming back into favour. Whatever your style preference, choosing a flooring that will tie in with the rest of your decor can create the perfect entrance to make you smile as you walk in and set the standard for your home.

Add art & mirrors

Mirrors and glass work can create a sense of space in narrower hallways, reflecting light and other areas of the home throughout. Large horizontal mirrors make a huge difference to the look and feel of a smaller space and add length to the hallway, whilst again tying in your style. With fitting wood or metal frames bringing your look together, mirrors can lighten up spaces with little natural light and make great use of large wall spaces. Finding suitable art work to suit the space too adds a little touch of colour, texture or pattern to make your hallway feel more personal to you. 

Add storage & Hanging Space

Hallways can be a bit of a dumping ground, especially with kids and pets, but it's also the place we should keep clear the most. With most hallways being narrow spaces, there isn't much room for bulky furniture, but it's a good idea to install some features that can give you much needed storage for coats, shoes, brollies, keys and everything that you may need to grab quickly as you head out the door. Where possible, find storage elsewhere for excess shoes or items you don't need too regularly. Add coat hooks and baskets or narrow units for shoes and other items you need to hand. If you need more storage, add slimline cupboards up high to avoid taking up much needed floor space.

Add a lick of paint

Choose light natural colours that help to create a sense of calm as you walk through the door. You may want to opt for a split wall, with the darker half at the bottom to conceal scuff marks and lighter colours at the top to make the hall feel higher and less confined. Choose colours that suit the style of your home, that don't make the space feel smaller or too dark that they don't feel welcoming. Try and utilise the natural light as much as possible and if you're lacking on natural light, make your hallway as bright as possible using paints, wallpapers and accessories. Being a small area, it can be a great place to experiment with pattern to express your tastes, with patterned, tiles or fabrics.

Update Your Front Door

You may want to paint your existing wooden door or replace tired looking PVC. Replacing your door entirely can make a huge difference, opting for a lighter brighter version, colour of your choice or even one with more windows to allow a greater amount of light to flow through. Making your front door look fresh, new and suiting your tastes can make coming home that little bit nicer and truly bring your style together. Newer does are also a lot more secure, giving you greater peace of mind when you're out or sleeping at night.

Will you be updating your hallway this year?