Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Home Style || Bath Or Shower? Tips and More...

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With our new bathroom plans coming together, I thought I'd share a little about showers and baths in bathroom design. Here I'll be sharing tips on buying a shower for your new or existing bathroom, as well as a little advice on whirlpool baths.

No matter whether you’re remodelling your current bathroom or you’re making a BTO application, considering altering your interior design options, there is no denying  bath that bath and shower decision is the most important.

Add a whirlpool bath

Whirlpool baths were once considered a luxury; something individuals only experience once in a while whenever they visited a spa for the day. They were highly recommended to clients because of the vast health benefits associated with them. However, nowadays a whirlpool bath is something which can be found in a whole host of homes. They are a product which is readily available on the internet and around stores in the UK for affordable prices, and people have seemingly taken advantage of this. For those who do not have a whirlpool bath, it's definitely something to think about. They can do a great deal for an individual’s health and this article will reveal exactly what advantages are associated with owning one and using one.

First and foremost, a whirlpool bath is an advisable choice because it aids blood circulation around the body. Why is this important? Well, the body needs a proper blood circulation in order to deliver nutrients around the body. These nutrients include the likes of; oxygen, minerals and vitamins, and obviously without these the body will not function to optimal level. Moreover, blood circulation is especially important when it comes to the healing of wounds. Without an adequate amount of nutrients, the body will not have enough in it to heal any wounds, and this can clearly make an individual feel weaker. Finally, good circulation also helps to make an individual’s muscles relax and rest, which is important.

Promoting blood circulation is not the only way in which whirlpool baths help the body to relax. Another reason is that a whirlpool bath creates a message effect through the mixture of water and air; this can obviously relieve tension and make an individual feel a lot more relaxed and calm. Furthermore, the jets of water actually support the entire weight of a person’s body which relieves pressure off of their muscles.

Relaxation and proper blood circulation are not the only health benefits associated with whirlpool baths. As mentioned earlier, they help an individual loosen up and get rid of tension. This can obviously be a massive aid to those who suffer from stress and anxiety. A whirlpool bath provides a fantastic way to unwind, calm down and find a more relaxed breathing pattern.

In addition to this, a whirlpool bath is also highly beneficial for anybody who is suffering from pain and needs to find some relief. The gentle massage quality to the water can help the pain subside as it allows the muscles in the body to relax.

And finally, a whirlpool bath is largely considered to be a lot more hygienic than a standard bath. This is because it is specially fitted with a unique draining system which aims to remove as much water as possible from the bath. 

Shower enclosures

Shower enclosures have become a highly popular option over the past decade or so. People prefer them over a dual shower and bath because they are a lot more private and they ensure that there is no annoying puddle of water on the floor when you step out the shower.

There are a whole host of different style shower enclosures available online and in home stores around the UK today. Whilst this is good because it means added choice, it can also make it difficult knowing which one to opt for. It is highly important that an individual buying a shower enclosure picks a top quality one, after all they are not a cheap prospect and they should be something which lasts many years.

In order to give those seeking a shower enclosure a helping hand, here's a few tips on what people should be looking for when buying one as well has how to ensure that the one being considered is of a high quality.

The first and most obvious aspect about a shower enclosure which needs to be considered is the size and style of it. With regards to the former, there are shower enclosures available in a mass of shapes and sizes. It is vital to measure the bathroom in question first to ensure the shower being considered will fit in – never assume. Also, it's advisable to have the shower enclosure situated as near as possible to existing plumbing. With regards to the style, it is obviously important to ensure that it is in keeping with the existing look of the bathroom otherwise it will result in a confused and unpleasant appearance.

Anybody buying a shower enclosure will want to make sure that the one they are going for is durable, sturdy and long lasting. After all, this is not something which should be getting replaced on a regular basis. The part of the shower frame which gets the most use and is the most susceptible to damage is the shower door. Therefore, anybody looking for a shower enclosure should seriously consider what door is going to be fitted. The seal fitting the door to the side of the enclosure is highly important, not only does it need to be secure but it needs to be thick in order to ensure no water gets out. The best doors will use magnetic strips.

The door itself as well as the side panels should both be made from thick tempered glass. With regards to durability, an aluminium frame is by far the best option. The frame is integral to the longevity of the shower enclosure so it is something which needs to be deeply considered.

When re fitting or making alterations to your family bathroom, don't be afraid to ask the advice of your plumber or utilise the (usually) free design services in bath stores. Although it's often tempting to opt for cheaper options, buying cheap usually does mean buying twice, so a larger initial outlay can often last a lot longer. It's worth also keeping an eye out for X display bathroom items as they receive very little wear and tear compared to other in store displays and can allow you to achieve your dream bathroom for a lot less.

Do you have any bathroom plans this year?