Friday, June 28, 2019

Rainbocorns Series Two - Global Hatching Day!

Toy Review // AD Gifted

Last year we reviewed series one of the Rainbocorns from Zuru and this month they're back and better than ever! Series two 'Sparkle Heart Surprise' features 12 new characters, this scented collection includes Llamacorn, Flamingocorn, Pandacorn, Lioncorn, Owlcorn, and all-new Unicorn – plus there’s a rare golden Flamingocorn to be found. The rainbocorns are very cute, with fluffy manes to be brushed and cared for, a sparkly horn and little wings too.

Once again, the Rainbocorns feature a special sequin clip heart that reveals a secret picture when swiped. The difference with this series is that there's other little surprises in there too. As well as the little egg inside with a miniature collectible Booboocorn, there's also themed accessories, Rainbocorn 'poop', stickers and more. This is a great buy, with a lot of excitement when hatching!

Today is the official Global Hatching day, so I'm going to share the excitement of Sophie opening hers and show you what she found inside. For starters, our larger Rainbocorn retails at £24.99, and includes a large plush Rainbocorn and all the other surprises mentioned above. We were also sent a little Sparkle Heart version (£9.99), a smaller egg and a smaller toy, with the same excitement and cuteness of the large toy, minus the extra gifts in the egg.

Hatching Our Rainbocorn!

As soon as the the wrappers were off, Soph saw a glimpse of gold sequins through the heart shaped hole and was immediately excited! 

We took out the heart clip to swipe the sequins to reveal the secret picture - a donut!

After revealing the sequin surprise, it was time to see what fluffy character Soph had hatched from her egg. We found a gorgeous little lioncorn!

As well as the beautiful Lioncorn, there were a few surprises to be opened too...

We loved the addition of the surprises inside and Soph found a stretchy bracelet/hairband, a set of stickers, a new Booboocorn and some Rainbocorn poo. She's also insisted on having another for her birthday next month, so it definitely went down well. The only down side for me is all the plastic packaging, but hopefully this will be looked at in the future. 

Our little sparkle heart egg was another delight for Soph, here's what she found inside,  super cute little caticorn! The caticorn also came with another small egg inside containing a Booboocorn for Soph's collection. 

We've been really impressed with the new additions and all the new characters of Rainbocorns available. The surprise egg element is always a win, but the best thing about these is that they do have different coloured horns on the packaging so you don't have the risk of buying the same one again if you want to collect the series. Here's a little video of Soph opening her Rainbocorn;

If you have a little one that loves surprise toys, cuddly toys or is already a Rainbocorns fan, then they'll be sure to enjoy the new offerings from Zuru. To keep up with the news on Rainbocorns, you can follow Zuru on Instagram as well as following the hashtags #rainbocorns and #zuru. More details can be found on the Rainbocorns website and the toys are available at Argos & Smyths toy stores right now!

Would your kids like these too?