Monday, February 27, 2017

Classic Films The Kids Need To See

Movie time...

I love watching films and with the exception of kids films, it's not something I do as much any more sadly. There are so many films that I loved growing up, some absolute classics that I just can't wait to share with these two, as even though some are now 30 odd years old they are still just as brilliant as the day they were made. We recently watched Matilda and Home Alone which went down a storm. Even at two Soph loves to watch films and has SO much patience! 

I was chatting recently about all those much loved family films and thought I would bring them all together here as a checklist. You may even see some of your favourites here too. These are films that I adored through the years and ones I just know the kids will absolutely love one day too. There are hundreds more, but these are the ones I am most looking forward to watching with them. Some of these will be OK now, some I have a bit of a wait on my hands and there are some that will quite simply give them nightmares!

I'll pop the titles and shopping links underneath, but see if you can recognise them all from the film stills. Just seeing these pictures makes me super excited!

Those are some of my absolute favourites, we have all of them on DVD all ready and waiting for us to work our way though the list as the kids grow up. My Girl is just so so sad and although I loved it I haven't yet been able to watch it as an adult as I just know it will make me sob, particularly as Alf reminds me of MC in the film!

Batteries not included is for me, one of the best, a real heart felt lovely film and will always be a favourite. Watership down was watched to death too, but now I think it's pretty scary! It's crazy how old these films are now, which I suppose makes me quite old too?

What would be on your list?

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