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Sometimes in your home, you just need a quick makeover to refresh a room. Just by adding a simple feature wall you can do just that, often in just a matter of minutes. Feature walls are hugely popular in all rooms around the house now and often a much cheaper way to style a room, allowing you to indulge in one special print, paint or even wall sticker to brighten up a space. 

There are lots of ways to highlight a feature wall, essentially it is just one wall that is a different colour or design to the adjacent ones, offering a focal point that can have a huge impact (or subtle if you prefer) and truly makeover a space. Here are a few ideas that could simply be a weekend project to refresh a room for Spring or special occasion.


The first and most obvious idea is to use paint. You could paint the wall a different colour entirely or simply a slightly different shade. There is so much more to offer though in the world of paint right now and you no longer have to just think of satin or silk, but now it's things like glitter effect and gorgeous metallic paints that are increasingly more popular. I still love a classic muted colour in a matte paint but love the idea of glitter for a kids room or somewhere like a bathroom to give it a special touch.

Photo: Wilko Dulux Silk Blue Babe

Wall Murals

Wall  murals have always been popular, now so more than ever. Gone are the days of hand painted cartoon characters or stencilled designs and instead full wall murals in a huge range of designs. I love the idea of a forest feature wall behind the bed, sites like Pixers have a huge selection and you can literally have anything imaginable in photo form to fill an entire wall. I love this layered forest wall, what an impact!


Wallpaper is perhaps the most common and popular choice for a feature wall, it's quick to apply, easy to change and available in all kinds of patterns, textures and colours. There are some beautiful papers out there and it's almost impossible to choose. I think the lavishness of the design comes down entirely to the space in which it will be placed. We have a super bright floral wall by our stair case, it's a tiny wall so really makes a feature and brightens the otherwise subtle colour scheme. I'm a huge fan of vertical stripes like this monochrome from Graham & Brown, in big bold colours, especially for chimney breasts and living room/dining room areas. 


Chalkboard walls are a fun way of having an instantly changeable wall from day to day. If you have children it can be their place to express them selves, you can decorate or write on anything you want and it looks pretty cool too, who doesn't love a bit of matte black? There are lots of chalk board paints around and some are magnetic meaning it can be even more of a fun wall! The possibilities are literally endless.

Picture: Ideal Home


Wall Stickers

When wall stickers first came around they were pretty useless, they needed a perfectly prepped wall or they would simply fall off rendering themselves bin worthy. Now though, designers have upped their games entirely and there are so many options out there. From favourite quotes to beautiful cut out illustrations there is something for every wall to make a real feature, however small the space. As I love anything geometric, I'm a huge fan of these triangle stickers for an instant transformation. You could be as neat or as random with your placing, I think either works here.

Doodle Wall

This one is not for the cautious! Go all out freestyle and doodle a wall. My son has a doodle wall  in his bedroom which I have drawn on since he was a baby and he absolutely loves it. We add things all the time, it is completely unique and looks great.

Playing around with feature walls can be lots of fun, it's quick to do, can be extremely easy on your pocket and set a theme to a room with one simple splash of colour or pattern. If you get the right look you can make rooms took bigger, taller, wider, more inviting and even more relaxing or fun for all the family.

Do you have a feature wall in your home? What did you choose?

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