Saturday, February 11, 2017

Parents Evening >> Poop, Pride & Egg Theft

I think parents evening is one of those things that puts the fear into all parents for one reason or another, but I'm happy to say that so far they've been a breeze, well, pretty much.

This week we had Alf's 3rd parents evening. We walked into the classroom and were hit instantly by the smell of poop, presumably from the kids toilets. Oh my. We then made our way to the tiny desks and the 'how much is my giant arse going to crush this' chairs and got started.

We first looked through Alf's special book which has all of his best pieces of work, drawing, colouring, writing etc from class and my heart melted at his little hand drawn family pictures, letters to Santa and well thought out little doodles. His teacher talked us through his progress this term and I am super proud with how well he's getting on, he's my little smarty pants  and yes, I'm totally bragging, it's totally deserved!

I was told how kind, polite and friendly Alf is to his fellow pupils and teachers, how nice he is in class and what a super imagination he has, proud proud proud. Of course I knew all this but I love hearing it from an outside source and take it as a big pat on the back for me as well as them.

All was good classroom wise but it was only after I left that I realised that the awful toilet smell we had encountered, was in fact my beautiful daughters bottom. Soph must have filled her nappy on cue as soon as we walked in, she always tells me when she has pooped but nope, not that day. So Alf's teachers probably thought the smell was me which is just brilliant. I can imagine the notes made like 'we noticed Alf's Mum doesn't wash, smelt a lot like she'd soiled herself and looked like she wanted to cry' (they were happy tears damn it!). Do they make notes like that? Lets hope not. Maybe I should send a letter of explanation along with a note of my washing routine? OK no.

So anyway, we nipped over to the shop nearby for a well done treat for Alf and then shortly after I discover Soph has swiped a Kinder egg off the shelf and is tucking into it in the pram, my little shop lifting toddler! She had even chucked the wrapper on the floor much like she does unfortunately at home. I then had to buy Alf one (to save MUCH drama) and pay for hers. Goodbye £2 on minuscule chocolate and it's toys of disappointment. A guy that works there (a fellow school parent and pal) said that if that's the worst thing she does then I am doing well - I really liked this comment and it was very true! Although I fear she is yet to steal a tank and invade Paris, this was the worst she's done so far and it's really not that bad as she is only two after all. Winning.

Despite the poopy criminal wannabe (but gorgeously beautiful and sweet) toddler, gassing out the teachers and narrowly escaping egg theft, the much dreaded parents evening went far better than I could have hoped. We are obviously doing a good job a home (their words) and he is clearly flourishing at school too and enjoying it which is the best feeling ever.

Have you had any similar moments or disaster parents evenings?