Saturday, February 11, 2017

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Cacti Trend

I don't know what it is about cacti, but for some reason I've always loved them, as well as bonsai trees, I guess it's the miniature thing I like? Luckily for me, right now they seem to be really popular and are appearing on all sorts from clothing, accessories and even homeware which are some of my favourites. 

The best thing about this trend is that I can pick up a gorgeous cactus in candle or vase form and it is likely to survive much longer that a real one as I'm about as green fingered as a house brick! Here's a few cacti related home goodies that caught my eye this week. Bizarrely my favourite of all is the ASDA vase (centre) I just love it! They also have a matching trinket dish in Primark which I have no need for but feel I need this too.

The cactus candles (Primark again) are only £1.50 each and look great, especially grouped together as they come in a few different shapes. These cactus art prints are beaut aren't they? I'm definitely going to add cacti onto my drawing list this month, but failing that I may have to invest in one of these from Etsy.

I love all of these and feel I may have to hold back before our house looks like the actual desert! For stockists on other items, see links below this picture.

1. Planter/Mug | 2. Cactus Prints | 3. Desk Tidy | 4. Glasses Set  | 5. Vase Asda | 6. Potted Candles (Primark in store only) | 7. Salt & Pepper Shaker | 8. Square Cushion | Long Cushion

I'm loving the quirkiness of these designs and they definitely add the perfect little splash of colour and fun to more neutral backgrounds and rooms. Are you a fan of the cactus trend?