Sunday, February 05, 2017

Kid Style >> Lil' Rockers, Inspiring Tees & A Flamingo!

New for Spring!

I love buying the kids clothes and as well as lots of pre loved goodies, the kids get lots of lovely bits from places like Primark and HM which are undoubtedly my favourite high street stores for the whole family. I had a look for some new wardrobe staples for them both and came across some lovely bits that I think are adorable and really pack a punch when it comes to kids style.

I love the slogan tees, mini rock and roller bits and of course the mega flamingo dress - amazing or what? As always I would love for these to be in my size, but alas, the kids will have to have them instead. Here's my favourites;

Picks for Soph

I love these picks for Soph, they all have a bit of attitude, sum up her style and loves and well, they are just super cute aren't they? Soph suits all colours but looks fab in blue, she loves a bit of super girly 'froo froo' but also really suits a more tom boy style. The swallow top and jacket are just dreamy, I would love to wear those!

Picks for Alf

1. Keep Doing What You Love | 2. Shark Tee  | 3. Hooded Jacket  | 4. Own The Day  | 5. Skateboards
6. ACDC | 7. Great Vibes | 8. Car Joggers

How lovely are these clothes? I love that the kids are as much into their clothes as I am into buying/dressing them! Alf is a real stickler for choosing his clothes which is both a blessing and a curse at times. I know he would love all these though, especially the skateboard jumper seeing as he is really getting into things like that lately.

Which is your favourite from these picks? Mine has to be the 'Own The Day' sweatshirt, I love the colour and simplicity of the design and statement. I may just have to invest in one for them both!