Sunday, February 05, 2017

Happy Days >> Sunshine, Shopping & School...

This week...

We had a pretty good week this week, it was such a relief to all be feeling a bit better and it feels like we are getting out of our slump a little too. It really felt like Spring was on it's way this week at times which I love! Here are our happy moments...

  • Daffodils - I love this time of year and this week we got our first bunches of daffodils to grow at home. They are one of my favourite flowers and Alf's too.

  • New clothes - I finally got chance to buy a few new clothes that fit, some jeggings from Tesco which are amazing, a new raincoat from Primark and some jumpers in HM. It makes you feel so good popping on new clothes and feeling fresh.

  • Alfs school trip - Alf had his very first school trip which I'll write more about soon. I was honestly terrified of the whole thing but of course he loved it and had a great time. I felt like it was a big step for me as a mother and really good that he didn't mind that I couldn't come along.

  • Soph at preschool - This week Soph went to preschool twice and both times we had no tears and she had a great time. Although she wasn't entirely happy to be left she made no fuss and it was far easier than it has been!

  • Incredible breakfasts - I've had not one but TWO breakfasts out this week and I really enjoyed it!

  • Booking a holiday - We have been invited back to Bluestone again this year and I am thrilled! It's not for a good few months yet but I love having something nice to look forward to..

  • Shopping with friends - While Soph was at preschool one day I resisted the urge to go back to bed and instead popped to town with a friend for some shopping. I haven't shopped with a friend child free for years and it was really fun.

  • Pay day - January was one of those months where everything was tight, it was a great feeling getting some payments in and Adam getting his wages plus a little extra to get all the bits we need.

  • Peggy dog - Our dog Peg has been glued to me in the day time recently. I love coming home and seeing how happy she is, even if she does snore pretty loudly and hog the bed at night.

  • Sunshine - We saw sunshine this week, real gorgeous sunshine that just makes everything look and feel so much better! It really lifted my mood.

I hope you all had a great week! This weekend has been great so I'm all geared up and refreshed for Monday to rear it's ugly head.

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