Thursday, February 02, 2017

January Update >> Jeggings, Ribena & Mr. Sherlock

January - Just A Practise Run

January flew by like a speeding bullet and I am just going to think of it as a trial run for 2017. It wasn't bad but wasn't great either! We've taken it in turns to be poorly, not had much money and generally felt over tired and a little out of sync.

Blog wise it has been really quiet so I've been taking time to work on my yearly goals and do the boring admin parts, fix broken links, work on my social media accounts and catch up with brands I have worked/am working with. I've felt a little deflated with it all after booming into the new year full of beans and ideas, it soon faded and I am trying to get back on track and find some motivation.

My diet has been shocking in Jan too, from being poorly to looking after the poorly kids in the night and another thousand reasons I've necked A LOT of junk and am yet to start my detox which is now ear marked for Monday, I will shake this!

Anyway, I thought I'd share the things I loved last month from what I enjoyed watching to what I was wearing, enjoy!

Things I enjoyed last month...

Wearing - I've been a bit stuck with clothes this month as I lost a fair bit of weight last year, restocked my wardrobe then put some back on so I am in between sizes again at the moment. I have lost a little weight though (8lbs) since Christmas and slowly getting back into things. I've discovered magical jeggings in Tesco and for £12 I think they are fab, high waisted, super stretchy and perfect denim colours (I may or may not have got a few pairs this week alone!).

Food & Drink - I have a mean Coke Zero addiction as well as Ribena - hardcore! Other than that I haven't drunk much. I am obsessed with pulled pork and we've had lots this month, mostly on a baked potato with heaps of roasted onions and peppers with some cheddar grated on top. Yum! We went for a gorgeous Pizza Express meal which is always a winner and we're hopefully going again at the weekend.

Watched - I've loved seeing The Undatebles back on the screen, I love seeing people so happy and it's really interesting too. We've also watched Sherlock from start to finish in about a week and absolutely loved it! If you've not seen it or think you won't like it, I'd definitely suggest giving it a try. Film wise we've watched Finding Dory which we all liked and just catching up on old Disney films with the kids.

Read - I am yet to get back into reading actual books, which I haven't done since Alf was born over 5 years ago! I have this month had a little break through and got myself two magazines (one home and one trashy) and actually read them cover to cover! I can't remember the last time I sat and did that so I really enjoyed it.

Disliked - We've all been poorly this month which I really hate. It doesn't just mean feeling rubbish but also worrying about the kids, serious lack of sleep, extra washing and Alf missing school. I really hope that's our lot for a while now. I've hated seeing all the goings on in America, it's scary as hell and I think what makes it worse is that there are people worldwide that seem to think there is now a free reign to be as hideous to other human beings as possible. I hope things change soon for the better.

Loved - Despite the crazy goings on in the world I have loved seeing people unite together, standing up for what they believe in and trying to make the world a better place for our children, you have to admire that.

I've loved all kinds of bad foods this month as I've just craved anything that made me feel less poorly or tired - this month is the one where I actually detox and get back on track, promise. I am still really enjoying makeup and enjoying watching tutorials and experimenting with new products. It's a real (expensive) hobby now and I love taking that few minutes every day sorting my face and disguising my wrinkles!

Been most excited about - My best friend is due to visit later this month which I can't wait for, she lives down south and with us both having small kids it's been a nightmare in recent years to catch up. I really miss her and may just not let her go home! We decided on a visit in Jan so I've been excited ever since.

Most popular blog post - Without a doubt, my most popular post from January was this one about giving Dads a break. It really annoys me how they get such a bashing all the time and it's often undeserved. I love that others agreed and that it actually made sense, there is always that worry with blog posts.

Favourite Photo - I've been really slack on photos this month as I just don't have the urge to get out in this weather and take pictures. If it was icy, frosty or something interesting then I would do but it's just been grey, miserable and brown out there! This one is my favourite though, I took it of Soph on our woodland walk and she just looks undeniably bonkers. (Oh and no, that stick isn't through her head!).

So that was January and I really hope for a more exciting and uplifting February! Feel free to copy the format of this post if you blog and be sure to tag me so I can see what you've been up to!