Sunday, February 05, 2017

The First School Trip

Since Alf started school it's been a worrying but exciting time for me. I'm not a fan of the school run but that is getting slightly easier now, I'm terrified of him being bullied but understand there is little that can be done to prevent that, but I totally hadn't prepared myself for this week's adventure - the first school trip.

I loved school trips back in the day, they were lots of much fun, so I had to just think how exciting this would be for Alf and put my worries aside.

Luckily, although this trip meant getting a bus elsewhere, it was just a local one and not too far from home. I worry about the kids travelling safely, I'm not a fan of motorways and busy journeys at the best of times, so neither being there to fasten him into a safety seat or keep him close was a real test for me.

When the day came Alf was full of beans and really eager for his day out. I couldn't go along with him as I had Soph to look after so I dropped him off for his first solo venture and went on my way.

The school trip was to a transport museum followed by a couple of hours in a huge soft play centre that we have been to previously. It was strange for me that he was experiencing something by himself like the museum that we hadn't been to, but I was mostly a bit worried about how they could possibly keep track of them all in soft play. Was there anything to stop a stranger deciding to walk him out mid play? Most probably but that doesn't stop my mind going into overdrive.

All sorts of ridiculous things went through my head and although me and Soph had a lovely day together, in the back of my mind I couldn't help but think about what he may be up to and hoping he was happy and safe.

The next trip will no doubt be further a field, it could be in another county, travelling on busy roads and I know that some day he will probably even be taken to another country entirely with school, but this one was quite enough for me right now.

Of course Alf arrived back safe and sound, full of stories and exciting things- particularly his packed lunch they gave him. I know I need to worry less and let go more and I am learning how to do it bit by bit as we go along. For now though, that's his first school trip done and dusted.