Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Healthy Mama || Healthy Habits For February

With the Christmas chocolates (January's excuses) long gone and the days looking brighter, I'm feeling slightly more motivated and ready to tackle this health thing a little better than I have been. Spring and Summer are really just a stones throw away and I really don't want to feel this uncomfortable when the weather starts to warm up.

I'm trying this month to embrace a few new healthy habits to get my butt in gear once and for all. I felt so much better a little lighter, I regret gaining most of it back but also regret not doing it properly the first time. I feel if I get to goal this time I'll really have earned it and hopefully that'll put me off putting it back on again. 

So this month I'm trying a few things to get on track. I only lost 2lbs throughout January which is really quite dire, but I do feel a lot more focused this month and have lost inches so things are definitely working! Here's a few healthy habits I'm trying to get into for Feb;

  • Drinking less diet coke, more water/juice
  • Less evening snacking
  • Keeping hands busy drawing and typing
  • More walking, dog walks, skipping car journeys
  • Sticking to 100cal snacks twice a day
  • Forward planning meals a little
  • Trying BerryTrim before meals

I really hope these changes have some effect this month and I'm looking forward to hopefully having a more positive health update at the end of this month (which is flying past by the way!).

How's your February going?