Friday, February 23, 2018

Mama Style || Spring Kicks

Heading for Spring sole first...

I'm not a typical 'girl' when it comes to shoes, mainly because most of them are way out of my comfort zone. I wish I could hoard hundreds of beautiful sparkly stiletto shoes or pin-up worthy beauties, but the simple fact is I just can't walk in heels, they hurt my feet and they send my back and hips loopy!

I do love trainers though and with each season comes a new sneaker shopping trip. I tend to opt for lighter colours in Spring/Summer with darker ones in Autumn/Winter, mainly because I just can't face getting beautiful white or pale trainers dirty in the constant rain and mud we plough through in colder months.

With Spring just around the corner, I've been searching for my next pair to add to my rather modest collection. I love a bit of colour and need something that can be worn with jeans, but also potentially with skirts, dresses or long shorts when the weather perks up a little. Will it ever perk up?

Here's a few of the many I've narrowed my search down to so far. Nine pairs may be a little excessive in one hit and cost a small fortune, so I'm hoping this will help me decide!

Something classic like Converse or Nike Air Max can never be a bad investment. They are great quality, look good with everything and are comfy too. I'm feeling a bit more colour though with those options and loving the super girly pink and 'sprinkles' pattern on the Nikes. 

Vans make some ace shoes and I've always wanted a pair of their high tops. The mint green is super cute and a colour I'm really into at the moment. I'd have no qualms wearing these with literally anything, so they'd be a great option.

I love New Balance trainers and this minty green pair are really nice. I do find sometimes that they can look a totally different shape when tried on, so I will reserve judgement until I've seen these in the flesh. I really like them though and they'd be comfortable and supportive without a doubt which is a must for all the walking we do.

Puma has to be my all time favourite trainer brand at the moment. I'm loving the chunky or ribbon lace option and even quite liking the look of the platform sole ones, though I'm not sure how comfy they'd be day to day? I really like the mustard colour way (obvs) but I'm wondering if I may be (MAY BE) over my mustard obsession now, as green seems to be taking over.

I'm clearly no closer to making a decision, so I think my next stop is the Office store in town to see which ones I fall in love with when I try them on.

Are you a trainer addict too? Which would you choose?

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