Thursday, February 01, 2018

Home Style || January Favourites

January started with de-Christmassing the house which felt amazing. I love Christmas and all the decorations, but as soon as Christmas day/Boxing day are over, I'm itching to take it all down and feel like we have a bit more room again.

Before Christmas we had a huge clear out and carried that on in the new year even getting rid of a huge sofa in the play room/dining room that just sat getting used as a dumping ground taking up SO much space. The difference is amazing, the kids can use the space much more and we even had a big toy cull (sorry kids) which has meant they no longer have piles of toys left untouched and instead just the things they actually enjoy.

We are still working on decluttering our home though but getting there slowly. I want our home to look lovely (because I enjoy that stuff) and to also be practical, with storage for things we need to pop away sometimes, not to hide away forever and plenty of space and essentials for the kids. I've done a little upcycling this month with my trusty yellow paint, my favourite is the little shelf unit above for the kids play room.

I've not got many new things this month for our house, but I did get a cute frame from Primark as well as a new dinosaur planter from HomeSense. Otherwise it's been pretty standard practical stuff that isn't too exciting.

Have you done much to your home this month?