Monday, February 19, 2018

Mama Style || Spring Florals & Monotone Favourites

I'm stupidly excited about Spring coming and the signs are popping up all over that it's getting close! At the moment I'm loving all the florals coming back into stores, but also the heavy monotone theme that seems to be back and as strong as ever.

I thought I'd share a few pretties that are on sale right now that fit the monotone and floral brief, from casual classics to wedding guest glam.

As much as I love a good heavy splash of colour, the blacks and greys always come out on top as my favourites, so my wardrobe is very much mixed which is great for dressing for your mood on the day. The green colour (dress 1.) is everywhere right now and it's one of my favourite colours, it really suits blonde hair so I'm happy to see it back. 

The yellow prom dress is gorgeous too and would be perfect for attending a spring wedding or just looking beautiful on a happy day, it's a super flattering shape too.

When it comes to the monotone clothes I love the longer length of the grey skater dress, it's super simple but a perfect every day staple. The dungarees are lots of fun too, in fact I'd probably start wearing them now with tights underneath, they're super cute!

Roll on Spring.