Friday, February 02, 2018

Healthy Mama || Weight Loss Update February

My goals for January were simple. After a crappy 2017 health wise, I wanted to break in gently and set realistic targets, which haven't quite gone to plan but I have been on the right track at least. Here's a reminder of the goals I set myself this month;

Before I break down the goals, I should say that although I've not achieved exactly what I set out to do, I have broken some habits. I've cut down on snacking hugely and instead of almost every day uncontrollable food binges, I've had maybe one or two max in a month which is amazing progress as I was on the verge of thinking I needed some kind of professional help to stop it. Progress is progress, so I'm not going to beat myself up about how disappointing my progress was in January, but here we are;

Lose 3 kilos - After going up and down in the month, I ended January with a two pound loss over all. Now this is certainly not a huge amount and truly rubbish for a whole month of effort, but it's off, it's going in the right direction and I've busted some bad habits, so overall I'm pretty pleased with that one.

1L of water per day - Although I have increased my water/squash intake, I have kind of dwindled off a bit as the months gone on so this is one I'll be hitting harder in Feb. My skin will thank me and I'm pretty sure I'll feel better over all.

Less snacking - This one I have nailed pretty much, I feel a lot more in control and do usually make more careful choices with my snacking day to day.

No takeaways - Ha. OK this one should have been so so easy but the fact is we failed in week one! We've not had many, maybe two since new year but still we did kind of flunk this one pretty majorly!

Logging on MFP - I've been on and off with this one. I'd say a few days on track, logging my daily foods and calories, with the rest of the week kind of winging it, eating too many treat meals and guesstimating which clearly hasn't done me any favours!

Feb goals

This month I need to kick my own ass a little. I've set super realistic targets this month and I need to try really hard to stick to them. I've enrolled myself in a 12 week weight loss thing at my local chemist as I'm hoping being weighed in weekly by a stranger will help, as well as seeing the nurse at our doctors practise once a month to keep me on track. I need to lay off the excuses this month, I'm doing this for my health and it's far more important than tasty food!

What are your health goals this month?