Mama Style || February Favourites

February has been such a miserable month weather wise and when you're getting soaked through 99% of the time when you step outside, it kind of leaves you little choice or motivation when it comes to styling for the day.

If I've been outdoors, I've been wearing my raincoat and bobble hat because I simply don't want to be freezing or soaked, so little excitement there. I have done a little shopping though throughout Feb in Primark mainly, with some of my favourites being;

  • Cactus print teeshirt from Primark £2.50
  • Mint green cardigan Primark £5.50
  • No bad vibes jumper (meant to be sleepwear but it's lush - Primark £7
  • Vintage hair bandannas, 3 for £5 at Yak in Lincoln
  • Cat eye sunglasses X2 from Primark £2 & £3
  • Vintage necklaces - charity shops £1-£2
  • Faux fur collar - Primark £3
  • Sky blue bobble hat - £2 Primark

The faux fur collars are my new favourite thing. Added to a biker jacket or anything really, they really make my outfit seem a little more special with very little effort. With them being winter stock they are also in the sale right now, for just £3 in Primark but also some lovely ones in New Look.

Winter sun is a beast so I was well ready to get some new sunglasses, especially as I found last years Vans ones shattered in the car! I've been loving checked shirts again too, layering up with cardis, adding more patterns here and there on days where I'm feeling it and embracing a bit of vintage back into my life.

You may have noticed a couple of excitable 'Spring is coming' type fashion posts in the past couple of weeks too. First up was one about florals and monotone clothing which seems to be everywhere at the moment, with a few favourites in store.

The second was a trainer shopping post, with some picks for Spring that I love. I can pretty much only wear trainers so I'm careful to pick the perfect ones and usually get a new pair each season. I already have a mainly black pair, but I really want a lighter pair for better weather.

What's been your favourite OOTD choices this month?