Healthy Mama || Weight Loss Update March

My goals for February were super simple. After a not so great start in January and a measly 2lbs loss all month, I hoped for a better effort in Feb with some easy to stick to goals that would help me get into good habits. Those goals were;

I've had a mixed month again. The cold weather seems to make me hideaway and eat as if I'm in survival mode, so I have had some bad days. It always seems a bit two steps forward three steps back when it comes to me and dieting, I do really well then completely sabotage my efforts the following days. That said though, I have lost and It's all going in the right direction. I just feel I'm still winging it a bit and haven't really got into a proper healthier routine just yet.

Lose 4 pounds- After going up and down in the month, I ended February with a 3lbs loss which isn't great but a loss at least.

Water every morning - This one I've been really good with. I often struggle with water/squash, especially first thing but I have tried to keep this up and I've done pretty well. 

Count calories - I haven't counted calories this month and it shows in my weight loss results. This one I am going to try harder with for March.

One cheat meal per week - Half and half but tried to stick to one and had less take away treats. I've struggled a little as traditionally our treat day is a Friday night, but often Saturday creeps in too. As I'm weighing in on Wednesdays I tend to have a slack day then too so I need to pick a day and stick to it.

Since January, I've also lost the following from measuring (14cm all together) which I'm so pleased about! Although the scales aren't showing much improvement, I'm definitely seeing results somewhere so I'm pleased with that.

march GOALS

This month I'm going to stick to the same goals as for Feb. I think they are realistic and also all good habits to get into going forward, for long term weight loss and health benefits. Hopefully I'll see more improvement this month and see a little more loss on the scales as well as with the measurements.

What are your health goals this month?