Thursday, August 23, 2018

Back To School || Alf's Maped Helix Stationary

One of my fondest memories as a kid was the pre-September stationary shop! I Loved heading to our local stationers for a new pencil case (Pepsi can style!), pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, all that jazz and nothing has changed I'm still a stationary addict.

With Alf knuckling down into year two this year, getting more homework, more class work and feeling all a little more grown up, he really needs a bit more of a desk set up and his very own stationary to look after which he was kindly gifted this week as a good luck gift from Maped Helix!

Alf's little stationary haul is fab and he was SO excited to see he had received some treats. He's looking forward to going back to school, but more excited to see his friends than do the work, so I knew this would give him a little boost and a little extra excitement for September. Before school he can get stuck into his favourite activity which is drawing and colouring, making up his own characters and recreating some of his favourite on screen and game characters too.

For Alf's new big boy stationary collection, Maped kindly sent him these treasures;

The great thing about the stationary from Maped, is that it's created for children, with children in mind for every single little detail. It's all about being practical, fun, easy to use for little hands as well as being completely practical for work or art that needs doing.

In Alf's selection, he was given some really innovative products that are just perfect for his age, writing and drawing well, but still needing a little help here and there when it comes to things like grip and hand strength.

For writing and drawing, there's the Twin tip pens, chunky and easy to grip, compact and easy to write with including four colours in one pen, but in a new design that works well and is so much easier to use. The Black'Peps jumbo pencils are chunky to grip with an easy flowing lead meaning they are simple to write and draw with, comfortable to hold and great for practising that pincer grip.

We love the colouring pens and pencils from Maped as they are always so bright, packed with pigment and have an element of fun to them. Last time we had animal print, this time it's the duo version with contrasting colours on each end. As an artist with LOTS of packed out pencil cases, anything that saves space is always good and with Alf's ever growing stationary collection, having a dual tipped set takes up half the space in his pencil case leaving plenty of room for his other bits.

For cutting, Alf was sent some fab scissors that are extra special. These have a built in rubber 'spring' that can be switched on or off to make cutting super easy, as you cut the rubber spring then bounces them back and there's even rubber decor on the handles to make them easier to grip. These are such a great idea and have made Alf's cutting so much quicker and more accurate, he thinks they design is brilliant! As well as the added grip on the scissors, his Kidy'Grip ruler also has rubber to stop it slipping, with a raised 'handle' part to told to get those super straight lines. I love the little emoji stencils at then end too. These little touches are just what makes Maped products that little bit more special, as well as them being fab quality and totally hard wearing.

The smaller stationary also comes with some added extras you wouldn't expect. The Croc sharpener has eyes that pop up when the pencil is ready (cool!) and the retractable rubber comes with a set of mini stickers to personalise it ready for school. The Loopy duo has a sharpener one end and a roller style rubber on the other, with cute illustrative packaging and protective covers on each end, this space saving duo is a must for any pencil case this Autumn.

Once again we're really impressed with the range from Maped, the products are packed with fun innovative little details that make them extra special. The stationary is extra easy to use for little hands, with space saving options, bright colourful designs and lots of fun.

Are you all ready for school in September?