Sunday, August 05, 2018

Healthy Mama || Tackling Low Iron & Vitamin D

We all know we need vitamins in our diet, be it by a healthy menu day to day or supplemented with medication. Little do we know though quite how much of a huge impact in can have not only on our health long term, but also our day to day life.

After months of feeling rubbish again, struggling to get out of bed, constantly suffering with aches and pains and dealing with the kind of tiredness that you literally can't control, I braved the blood tests once again. This time I was told I was anaemic which means my iron levels were severely low and also deficient in Vitamin D, again.

Having Googled every symptom and coming up with everything from being pregnant again (not possible) to having a life threatening disease, knowing it was just deficiencies that I could cure with simple tablets made me very happy. I was falling asleep all the time, I had no energy for the kids and I was waking constantly in pain and making myself feel worse and worse. The energy thing is the biggest struggle, especially with two very excitable and energetic children that need a lot of my attention. I hate it when I feel I physically can't 'Mum' properly and really wanted to kick start the supplements and get better,

After six weeks I went back to the doctor for tests and this time, having taken my tablets religiously all my levels were back to normal, so I'll be carrying them on for now and taking the Vitamin D at least daily for the rest of my life. Clearly I just don't absorb it or get enough, so supplements will continue to help me feel better.

The plus side to feeling better is that I have more energy, I'm able to do more around the house, more with the kids, go on my first proper bike ride with Alf that felt amazing and also eat and have less episodes of binge eating as I'm no longer craving those high energy high sugar foods to get through the day. I love being able to make plans without worrying that my batteries will run out before we're home!

As well as the supplements I'm trying to take in more water, healthier foods and my skin has been so much better as well as my sleep, hurrah for that! 

If you're not feeling well and feel tired, or low in energy more than you think is normal then it's well worth getting booked in for blood tests. I'm so glad I've been able to improve my health as well as my own and my family life with just a couple of extra tablets each morning.

Never underestimate the power of those vitamins!