Friday, August 31, 2018

Mama Life || Better Sleep With The Simba Mattress

simba mattress review bad backs back pain snoring

We learnt about the importance of a good mattress about ten years ago, after being given an amazing pocket sprung mattress, all my aches and pains in the morning went. We felt like we were sleeping on a cloud, my back didn't need cracking every morning and best of all, it didn't constantly twang with the noise of metal springs all night long when you rolled over.

We've since had another mattress which although has been great, after six years it seemed to have forgotten it's memory foam and I was constantly living in a dip, worsened by my weight changing, but also having kids in and out of our bed throughout that time.

The time came recently to start thinking about a new mattress, when we stumbled across the Simba outlet shop on eBay. There was a special promotion on for around a further £70 discount, which meant we were able to get a Simba mattress for less than half of the normal retail price.

simba mattress review bad backs back pain snoring
Picture: John Lewis

The only downside to buying from the outlet shop is that these mattresses are ones people have had a trial with and sent back. They are then cleaned, covers replaced and made as good as new, but I know not everyone would be comfortable with what is essentially a 'pre loved' mattress. You also don't have the option of the 100 day sleep trial, once it's yours, you keep it and that's that. 

After reading a million reviews on these mattresses, particularly from those that also have back pain/injuries, I was convinced that for the price, this would have to be worth a go and couldn't possibly be worse than our previous one that by this point was pretty much folding me in half at bed time and causing me to snore badly as well as wake up in lots of pain.

Our mattress arrived from Simba in perfect condition, it had a 'new car' smell which I love and you could instantly see it was very high quality. The smell of the mattress was something that I'd seen mentioned in reviews, lots of people complaining that it never faded in their trial and some even sent it back for this reason. For me though, it was the perfect new car smell, not too strong and just reassuringly  clean and after a month of use it has faded for us, so I'm a little jealous of those that complained of it lingering for longer!

simba mattress review bad backs back pain snoring

Sleep is so important for everyone, especially us parents and as I'm prone to staying up late and depriving myself of sleep anyway, the last thing I need at bed time is to be kept awake from being uncomfortable.

Our first month on the Simba has been worth every single penny. I've slept better, I've snored less, I'm waking up with virtually no pain - i.e I can wake up and actually get out of bed instead of having to do 30 mins of stretches first like I was before. This is a big change for me, I have damaged discs in my back and get a lot of muscle problems which have been so much easier to cope with since having a better nights sleep and the right support for my body for those hours.

simba mattress review bad backs back pain snoring

Picture: Simba 

I can't recommend this mattress enough, it's medium firmness with pocket springs and a thin layer of memory foam on top to add that perfect cushion feel whilst feeling totally supported but soft at the same time.

We got this at a bargain price, but I would happily buy again and considering with a full price one you have the option to return if you're not happy, I think they are really worth a try, especially if like me you suffer with back problems or have trouble getting comfortable at night. I have no idea how long this mattress will last, but I imagine it will be a good five years or more from what I've read (they also come from the website with a 10 year guarantee!) and considering the price, it's been amazing and so worth it to wake up actually feeling rested.

Have you tried a Simba mattress before?