Sunday, August 12, 2018

Home Style || Choosing Our Perfect Dining Chairs

Shopping for dining chairs has been really interesting. There's so many different options out there and we've changed our minds so many times. It's just so easy to get it wrong and we can't afford to not get it right first time.

With young children and pets, anything with fabrics or leather is a bit of a no no. We like some plastic options but know they will mark and possibly break easily with too much use. There were quite a few we liked, here's some examples of the sort of things we've been looking at before we whittled it down to our chosen seating choice;

We loved the idea of a splash of colour in the kitchen. So far everything is neutral monotone colours with a warm wood floor. Although we didn't have a big budget for chairs, price is an issue and we don't want something we may go off later.

The problem with having a budget is that you don't want to compromise on quality, but you also want it to look and feel good, whilst standing the test of time. For these reasons we opted against a bold colour as well as the plastic options as we worry how well the leg attachments would stand against two young children and one heavy mama.

I love the black wire chair and the centre retro design, but buying cheaper versions makes me wonder how well made they would be and being quite stylish they have the potential to fall out of favour as our tastes change.

In the end, we opted for these sturdy steel chairs with a wooden top. I love the look of plain metal, but being in a conservatory we don't want them to feel too cold or warm in summer. These are perfect for the style we're going for, they'll go really well with our industrial style table and help tie in all the touches we have in the room.

I can't wait to put everything together when the kitchen has been finished and flooring laid. I just hope it all works as well as I imagine it will!

Here's a few things to consider when shopping for your family dining chairs;

How many will you need?
What colour suits your room?
What do you want them to be made of?
Are they pet friendly?
Are they kid friendly?
Will they damage your floors?
Will they last a long time?
Are they a fashion fad?
Will they fit under your table?
Will they clean easily?
Will they damage easily?
Can you easily buy a replacement if needed?