Monday, August 27, 2018

Home Style || Kitchen Makeover - Work Begins

As our start date for the BIG makeover looms, work has begun in our new kitchen/conservatory area. 

Our first mission was to declutter ALL the kitchen rubbish we've accumulated over the past nine years. As well as all the excess cooking equipment, crockery and mugs, we had two side boards full to the brim of bike equipment, toys, games and craft supplies that needed a complete overhaul.

After an initial sort out, we prepared for our new boiler installation which was a big job, moving the old rattly boiler out from the kitchen downstairs and having a new combi boiler installed in our bathroom. This meant removing the bathroom floor, emptying the cupboards and even removing the carpet on the stairs, things we had no intention of replacing just yet. The kitchen renovation is a big enough job, but it has snowballed now meaning the whole house has to be sorted in one way or another, finding storage for things we no longer want in the kitchen.

Old boiler space - one cupboard unit, worktop and boiler removed.

In a way, this upheaval is just what we needed, we have far too much stuff, I can be a bit of a hoarder and all the little jobs we've been putting off are starting to get done. I can't wait until this big bit is all over! Hopefully, this time next month things will be completed and I can finally share some pictures of our finished kitchen. Fingers, eyes and toes crossed it all goes to plan!

Annoyingly large pillar, hopefully will reduce in size and have a smaller unit here to utilize the space.

With the boiler gone, we instantly got an idea of the extra space we will be gaining. We have decided to leave the area where the boiler was empty, simply to enjoy the space. This also gives us the option of adding something free standing if we need more storage or just having an area that feels spacious and uncluttered. The new boiler is now tucked away upstairs in the bathroom cupboard, Adam's made some shelves around it to store towels that can be removed if needed, so it's a much better use of space now.

This will be replaced with new light tiles, bright worktops and units to go in and a built in oven/hob

We've already got our table and chairs, as well as our appliances all purchased and put into storage so that's a few more boxes ticked and means we can get straight to the decor after work has been done and everything has been cleaned up. We're just deciding on our tiles which is causing a few issues, mainly going for our second option that is cheap or first which is maybe more what we'd really want but three times the price - typical!

Arch to be opened up, new light fittings and plastered walls instead of exposed brick.

Our fridge freezer hasn't been decided on yet but we do know we'd like a big American one, possibly with a water dispenser. I think we may have to wait until the kitchen is all in place so we can decide on the size we want as well as the colour. We have set up a temporary kitchen in the kids playroom, so none of it needs to be rushed and it's still going to be just a few weeks (hopefully) before everything is all complete, so not long to live in this strange mixed up house!

Above pictures are of our kitchen now, stripped of all our belongings and ready to be ripped apart and replaced by something newer, sleeker and a million times prettier - I can't wait.

Have you ever had a new kitchen fitted?