Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kids Stuff || Starting School With 'Born Gifted'

I'm totally not ready for Soph to start school full time, but it is what it is and I need to face facts that my babies are growing up - sob! As Soph starts reception soon, we've been getting her uniform together, deciding on which of her many bags she'll use and trying to keep her excited for the new term ahead. Going full time is going to be a big shock for her, I'll miss her like mad and so anything that can make the transition a bit gentler and more fun is so welcome.

Last week, the fab gifts website 'Born Gifted' kindly sent Soph a super cute personalised starting school kit which just put the biggest smile on her little face. Soph can recognise her name now in print, so seeing all these treasures that were just for her really made her happy, every single thing down to every individual pencil has her name on, so it's less for me to label for her (bonus) and feels even more special to her (double bonus!). Surprise box!

I thought I'd share these gifts as they are pretty adorable and would make perfect presents for other little ones that may need a bit of extra comfort with starting school. First up is her personalised water bottle, perfect for keeping her cool and hydrated through the day, with the added bonus of having her name clearly printed so it's less likely to go AWOL. (Cue new photo pose V)

To keep her food and drinks extra fresh, the lovely folk at Born Gifted also gave her this adorable cool bag with a long bag strap, again personalised with her name and a pretty illustration. This bag is just £10.99 making it the perfect extra special addition to the school get up.

Soph also got her very own personalised pencil case that comes with her own set of pencils, ALL with her name on, I love this! Again, this set (including case and pencils) is well priced at just £11.99 including personalisation, you can even have it gift wrapped for special occasions.

I think this set is lovely for starting school, but would be a brilliant Christmas or birthday present too. Having the personalisation and choosing from the range of colours and designs means it's  great if there's other siblings too as it means there will be less fighting over who owns what!

Sophie adores her gifts and keeps getting them out and packing it away in her gift box all ready for September. I love these gifts too and I'll be keeping them on my list for gift ideas for other friends and family as they are just that bit different to things you'd find on the high street and all pretty well priced.

There's a great selection of gifts on Born Gifted as well as the school start selection, so it's well worth checking out if you're in need of some special presents or a little inspiration too. 

Do you have any little ones starting school this year?