Saturday, August 04, 2018

Kids Stuff || The Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise

In July we were sent some new toys to review that combine ALL Soph's favourite things. We were sent a set of Rainbocorns from Zuru which come in a giant surprise egg, with a unicorn horn and sequin heart that reveals the character of Unicorn inside. With pictures of things like rainbows, a dogs bone, cherries revealed with a quick swipe across the sequins, these toys were a huge hit with both kids from the off.

You may have seen a couple of our 'unboxing' (hatching?) videos on Facebook that we were running at the end of term, but if not I thought I'd share our thoughts here with a little more information on these fab cuddly toys and why I think they make the perfect gift for our little ones.

Soph was like a kid possessed when we received our huge box of Rainbocorns. Seeing surprise eggs of any kind is enough to make her eyes come out on stalks, but giant pink unicorn ones with sequins? SOLD! You can see one of our first opening videos by clicking here

The Rainbocorn eggs come sealed in plastic wrapping which your child may need a little help removing, but this does keep them fresh and dry from the elements. Once this is removed, kids can swipe the magic sequins to reveal the surprise image that links to the Rainbocorn, with different styles such as a dog, bunny and cat etc. These sequins are so popular right now, on kids teeshirts, cushions and now the ultimate in surprise eggs - Rainbocorns.

Once the sequin picture has been revealed, the egg can be opened to reveal the super fluffy colourful plush toy inside. These are a great size, super soft and huggable and pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on any little unicorn fans face.

I didn't expect Alf to be too fussed about these but actually he loves them too. Alf loves surprise eggs as much as Soph and thinks the Rainbocorns are super cute. Soph kindly let him have a couple too and he was made up!

As well as the squishy fluffy Rainbocorns, you'll even find a mini surprise egg inside, with some teeny collectible Booboocorns. These are small rubber figures that come in the little egg inside as well as some rare twins to collect too.

The Rainbocorns are all about the details. Each one has little wings on the back, the classic unicorn horn in an array of colours, rainbow tufts of hair to style, shimmery hearts on their tummies and the most adorable little tails that vary for each kind. I love the little faces and anything with those big sparkly eyes gets the vote from my two. Here's some of our gaggle!

These toys really are the ultimate of gifts right now, encasing everything kids love in one giant egg. Each one costs £24.99 but for all the fun included, the sequin heart that can clip on to accessorise, the huggable plush and a mini surprise too, I think these are worth every penny. I'm sure that this will be HUGE this Christmas so I'll be getting more for Soph's collection before they are sold out!

These get a big thumbs up from us all, they exceeded my expectations and the look on their faces when they see them is amazing. I'd recommend these completely. I also like that although there is the surprise element for the child, each one has a different colour horn so you can be sure not to buy duplicates - this is something that really bugs me with smaller types so these pleases me a lot.

The Rainbocorns are out right now and if you pop over to the Zuru Rainbocorns website, you'll be able to meet all the characters, find your favourite store to purchase your very own such as Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, Asda and B&M. You can even download more Rainbocorn fun with colouring sheets, the collectors guide and word searches.

Would your little ones love these too?