Sunday, August 26, 2018

Mama Style || Building My Autumn Wardrobe

I'm always SO excited for Autumn, I love everything about it. All those treasures like conker collecting, leaves changing colour and darker evenings makes me truly smile, but the fashion side of it makes me even happier.

Shopping for a winter coat was always my shopping highlight of the year for as long as I remember and still is. It's such a big investment as something you will wear to death for a possible six months and with my size going up and down like a yo yo I rarely have the same one year after year, plus I love buying them too much to keep using the same old one! Off they go to the charity shop and off I go for some cosy fluffy hooded beauty.

I also love knitwear and as much as I try and brave it all year round usually, this year it's been a no go with months of beautiful sunshine. Autumn this year will feel like a real treat after months of heat and I'm already putting bits together to prepare for the colder months.

There are so many lovely bits out there already and Primark has some gorgeous Autumn bits in already that I may just have splurged on! I'm a much more savvy shopper now and I try and stick to buying things that fit me right now, fit my style choice and can be worn in different ways. Here's a few early Autumn favourites so far;

One essential that I just have to share are the tights from Snag tights. You may have seen their ads on social media and I just think they have their products and marketing bang on. This is not an ad by the way, just a genuine share for something I love. These tights fit, like they actually cover your bum, they don't sag round your ankles, they don't make your inner thighs sore after a night out and they are literally like wearing a second skin! I'm going to try and wear tights more this year now I have found some that suit my body type.

Another thing I'm really loving for Autumn is patterned fabrics. I've always liked a stripe top but there are more exciting colours and options now like rainbows which are usually hard to find. I love anything dog toothed as I just think it's timeless and can be dressed up and down and worn with bright colours to make them pop. It's taken me a long time but I can finally build a wardrobe without going manic and I can actually shop sensibly now without hoarding things to fit into 'one day' or just because I like the pattern.

Are you a fan of Autumn clothing?