Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Home Style || Finishing Touches - Kitchen

I posted a lot last year about our kitchen plans and although it has been fitted with all the big stuff taken care of, it's not quite there yet and this is why I haven't yet shared the before and after pictures I've been so excited to show you.

When the kitchen was fitted it was so stressful, the company were pretty crap with us, we didn't know who was turning up or when so we were so glad when it was over. Within a few weeks though we noticed a few spots of plaster weren't drying so we guessed our old friend (totally not a friend) damp was back, so it's kind of held us back on finishing as we'll inevitably have to rip the plaster back off and start again in those parts. Gutting, literally.

I'm trying to stay positive though as it's not the biggest job, we've tackled worse and we will sort it. With this in mind I thought I'd share some of the things I'd love to finish our kitchen. I love shopping, even if it's just virtual and may never happen, so here's the last bigger bits I'd love to complete our kitchen space.

I've just discovered the Samsung Bezel TVs, which are incredible, but pretty pricey. The great thing about these is that you can customise them with a frame to match your decor, so it's a TV when you want it to be, but the rest of the time it displays art work - brilliant! I love dual purpose items and this is such a great idea. We watch a lot of TV but they are ugly to have around, so being able to disguise it like this is a great idea for a tidy interior.

Our current microwave is a total eye sore and we do use it a fair bit, so I'd love to swap it for something more fitting like the Nordic style microwave from Swan. Although it still takes up much needed worktop space, it at least fits better with our room and kitchen units.

We also need to finish the walls off with some window sills and I love the idea of plain waxed wood like these from Love Skirting. The plain wood breaks up the white and gives the kitchen a little added warmth from all the white. This would really compliment our furniture, especially with the addition of a new lamp and storage cabinet like those above.

I love having ample lighting, so as well as a fitting table lamp I'd love to brighten things up even more with a floor standing lamp by our seating area. This is the one space we have plenty of electric points so no issue with trailing wires or multi sockets which is a bonus!

What's on your wish list right now?