Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Mama Life || My 2019 'Makeover'

I guess this is, in a way one of those 'new year new me' posts, but I know that sentence alone really gets peoples backs up this time of year, so here it is in disguise. Basically, I feel like I've made such good progress mentally, I've learnt to deal with a lot of things, come to terms with a lot of things and have ignited a surge of enthusiasm and motivation for the coming year in every area of my life.

I want to feel better about myself, I want to look better, I want to be healthier, I want a more organised and less stressful existence and I really really want to make a success of my work. This sounds like a lot of work, but last year despite feeling like it was a bit of a flop, looking back I can see that it was actually a year of mending myself and laying the groundwork for bettering myself and making my life more enjoyable and a lot more manageable.

Here's a little about my makeover this year, which I hope will make me feel happier, less stressed out and with bags more confidence to deal with the every day, block out the negative and enjoy my life more without anxiety rearing it's ugly head and self doubt getting in the way.


As I've said before, I am going to have my hair done properly this year. No excuses, I will find the money, I won't feel bad for taking that time for me and I will enjoy every second of those salon hours. I've always been obsessed with hair but never had great hair which I plan to change with regular trims and proper dye jobs.


My skin is so dry and aged looking. I need to treat myself better with more water, better care each day and possibly even a proper facial or something once a month to keep it in tip top condition. I'm sick of my skin showing my tiredness and age, so I will make it better this year. I also want to carry on wearing the makeup I love and ignore the judgy people that just 'don't get' why some of us wear it on the school run.


I've never had my nails done properly but always kind of wanted to. I always felt that it was a luxury I didn't deserve, yet we send our dog every other month to have hers done - fair is fair! Being embarrassed about my hands does make me self conscious, so I want to be able to have them out in the open more and smile when I look at them.


I've recently had a HUGE wardrobe cull and right now everything fits nicely into my storage, so that was a good start. As I'm getting healthier though, I intend to invest in new clothes when I need them that are good quality, fit into my needs (my style, will be worn and fit me now) so that I don't find myself overrun with clothes I'll never wear that don't fit.

Mama life

I've already started getting more organised which helps with the daily stress and constant niggling fear that I'm forgetting something. I want to get in better habits with the school uniform washes and being prepared the night before. I also want to sleep more so I'm less grouchy with the kids and enjoy our time together more.

Work life

I want to smash it this year, get into a proper work schedule, use my time wisely and go forwards instead of keeping things maintained. I plan to market myself better and be more confident with putting myself out there.

Home life

At home, I'm getting into a better routine of keeping the house in order and although there's still some big work to do, things are getting less overwhelming and I am coping better day to day. With scheduling a proper bit of time and having a bit more of a system in place, I hope not to get back to a point where I can't cope with our house the way it is.

I've already started on some of these plans, I'm booked in at the salon, I'm learning about what happens when you get your nails done and I'm gutting the house as we speak. I can't wait for a simpler less stressful life (with a banging new hair do).