Monday, January 28, 2019

Home Style || Wall Display Inspiration

A small wall display can help bring a room together, add light and colour as well as adding a touch of personal style to a family space. Wall displays don't have to be over complicated or expensive, but it can sometimes be tricky to work out how to fill a space well, without being too much whilst sticking to your budget and style. Whether it's an art display, complimenting a mirror or displaying your favourite photos, here's a few design ideas for wall displays, perfect for modern family homes.

Clean scandi style

The clean cut and classic designs of a Scandi home have us all hooked, but when it comes to wall displays, less is definitely more. On a plain wall, something like this could work really well, with a large round mirror to add light back into the room, a mix of complimenting prints in simple frames and large wall letters or shapes to add a little more texture. These frames from Jysk come with nice prints, so you can get to hanging straight away or add your own prints to suit your decor. Monotone works well with this kind of display, making it easier to tie it all together, but you could add your key colours to break up white walls.

Colourful & quirky style 

If your walls are crying out for a bit of colour and personality, you could tie in some of your favourites with a quirky art print, some fun letters and ornaments with a more colourful mirror. This is the same mirror as above in a different colour way and just shows how different things can look with a little colour. I love this Brighton print and how it all ties together with those key colours, reflecting a lot of personality and adding warmth to an otherwise cool hard space.

Monochrome/Insta style

When adding photos to your walls, it doesn't have to be boring. You could choose a more random layout like those above featuring your favourite snaps, but if the clean balanced Instagram look is more you, then why not display your favourite photos in a feed style Insta wall in your home. Featuring your favourite photographs, along with some fitting art prints, quotes and illustrations to reflect your life whilst holding that random (but totally not random) Instagram look. The great thing about this wall display style is that it can be as big or small as you like, it can be added to as much as you like and be as monochrome or colourful as you like. 

If Instagram style is our thing and you want a picture frame to reflect your news feed, these frames are great and the more colour and variation in your images the better. These are great for communal spaces to represent everyones tastes, or for bedrooms to reflect all your favourite things in an instant. These ones are just £24 on Amazon* with each square being 4 inches by 4 inches, so it's a good size too and super easy to hang. I love the way these look and they have so much potential, in a fitting colour scheme, multi colour or even monochrome with text and quotes.

Whether it's a perfectly spaced photo wall, displaying your favourites on a shelf or mixing it up with a bit of everything you fancy, it's easy to create the perfect wall display in your home. If you like the mismatched look then hit up your local charity shops for some fitting treasures, pre loved frames and even artwork.

Do you have any walls that need a little attention in your home?

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