Friday, January 18, 2019

Family Tips 2019: Money, Health & Happiness

This is a collaborative post.

Day to day family life is like being on a roller coaster whilst juggling knives, spinning plates and remembering the thousand things on your to do list. Often we find ourselves drowning in daily tasks, worrying about money, compromising on sleep and find ourselves with dwindling health and not feeling entirely positive about the whole thing.

It's not easy to play the roles all at once, sorting the house, being parents, keeping up with school life, holding down a job and trying to stay on top of everything with little money and stress in every direction, but we can all make changes. Also if you're reading this and thinking this sounds like you too, don't forget to feel proud for coping with all that, it's not easy!

If you find yourself worrying about health, money or just don't feel too happy with life right now then here's some helpful tips that may just ease the stresses of the day to day tasks we are faced with.


Money tends to be the biggest stress factor for most families, but it doesn't have to be. Even if you're struggling to know where your next meal will come from, there is help and advice out there that can help you in your situation.

You may need to consider contacting those you pay bills to to adjust dates, see if you can get a better deal or even move providers. You could cut down on things you don't need and proritise your spending.

When you have a few debts credit cards or overdrafts to manage through the month too it can seem completely overwhelming at times. Keeping track of dates, knowing what's going on and out each day is fairly easy to keep track of, but there are things you can do to minimise the stresses each day.

You could consider getting a loan to consolidate your debts, meaning you'd just have one monthly payment to think about which believe me, saves a lot of head space. With one fixed amount leaving your account on your preferred date, you can rest a little easier when it comes to money as well as getting less daunting bills in the post and feeling like you're juggling money constantly.

If you are in the position to do so, try and save a little each month to use as a buffer when you really need it. Life throws us a lot of curve balls and sometimes just having a £20 tucked away for emergencies can take the edge off when you need it most.

The main thing is to not suffer with it. If you're struggling, get help, seek advice, try and sort it as it won't go away and can really take a toll on your mental health if left to fester. You can get some great advice from the citizens advice bureau on financial matters, as well as the money advice service.


When it comes to health, if we're honest we could probably all do something to care for ourselves a little more. As we get older the thought of bad health and the worries that come with it suddenly dawn on us and although we can't undo all the damage, we can get to work improving our health and making our future as healthy as it an be.

In the process of improving our own health with better sleep, more exercise and a healthier lifestyle, we are also showing our children a much better example of self care that they will hopefully find second nature as they grow and not face the same worries us parents do.

Start small by making simple changes, like swapping your milk for a healthier choice, walking instead of driving, having a glass of water when you wake up. From there, you are laying the foundations of a better lifestyle and improved health and will soon see and feel the benefits. When those things become the norm, make some more switches, chuck in some fun exercise, try some new recipes or take that dog for a few more walks each week.

Being in good health is so important, but most importantly we can show the next generation how crucial it is to look after your body and give it what it needs.


With the struggles of daily life we can often feel a bit 'meh' about life generally, but by sorting those money stresses and improving your health (especially by getting more sleep!) The happiness will come naturally.

As well as being healthier, practise self care in every way you can. If a spa is your thing get yourself booked in as a treat. If like me you love taking photos, just make the effort to get out for picture walks, arrange a special day out to somewhere that will photo really well. Say no when you need to, avoid needless stress and surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you and leave you with a spring in your step. See friends, visit family, take time for you. I've recently learnt how important this is and how unselfish it is to actually look after yourself, making you stronger and happier to support others when needed.

Think about what is stopping you being happy right now and see if you can do anything to change it. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut, hold on to bad relationships or not ask for help when we need it, but by making a few small or even major changes, we can all find our happy.

I hope this helps you lead a happier, healthier and less stressful 2019! Just remember there is always help out there and if you can't reach out to friends or family, there's heaps of charities out there ready to give support and advice. My inbox in always open too!