Thursday, January 10, 2019

Home Style || Home Trends For 2019

With a fresh new year upon us, it's often the perfect time for change, to make improvements and to bring new things into our lives. Although the focus tends to be mainly on our looks and health in January, it's a great time to make plans for our homes too, thinking of what we need to do and how to get these jobs done through the coming seasons.

I love this time of year and keeping check on all the major sources for things like fashion and home decor to get a heads up to see what we're likely to see in store and of course filling up our Instagram. I love it when things I love just so happen to be on trend, making them much more accessible and with choices for a smaller budget on the high street. Here's a little more about what's to come in 2019 for home styles.

'In' for 2019

As for things that are more 'in' and on trend for 2019, I'm quite happy to see some things I already love, but less so sure of some of them. Even with things I'm less keen on, it's still interesting to see how these trends will be interpreted for the home and what will be on offer to buy in stores. 

Some of my favourite trends for 2019 have to be the rising of the florals once again, particularly in fabrics and wallpapers. Feminine tones that were seen a little last year will be more popular this year, with soft blush pinks to compliment those florals. This would work particularly well in a bedroom, with  the warming calming colours, though it could work well in any room. There's an emphasis on clean white spaces too, with the 90% white and 10% colour rule being popular, matched with plants again, bringing the outside in and those small metallic accents here and there. I was kind of lusting after the dusky pinks last year so I'm excited to see this in there for 2019. I never thought I'd love anything more than my dusty blues, but I think I just might...

Handmade pieces and sustainability are a major players this year and the whole idea of having less but having special items with full traceability and interest, all things natural, a little boho, light wood floors and contrasting textures.

On the other side though, in stark contrast to the soft, floral and natural vibes, there's a much bolder look on offer for 2019. Primary colours in bold patterns, clean simple four poster beds and acrylic furniture will be featuring as well as a trend for super bold all black bathrooms. Although I'm drawn more to the soft blush and florals, I love the idea of different areas having different decor, like a delicate feminine bedroom with a sleek, bold creative looking living room. Could we bring it all together somehow?

Less popular in 2019

Sadly this year we are set to see a demise in Scandinavian home decor as well as succulents, sob. I'm happier to see a decline in darker kitchen trends, particularly cherry wood cabinets and dark wood worktops. Instead, it's all about the light, bright and soft natural woods. Minimalist art is less favoured and instead, it seems grand colourful pieces that really make a statement will fall in their place. Cool greys and rose gold have fallen out of favour, as well as metallic furniture and subtle accent walls, opting for full space coverage instead.

Just because they aren't the flavour of the year though, doesn't mean we can't embrace the things we love, it just means we may have to delve a bit deeper to find things to suit our style.

What are your thoughts on this years trends, will you be embracing any of these changes in your home?