Saturday, January 05, 2019

Mama Style || Layering Up For A Cool Winter

Striking the right balance between staying warm through the colder months and feeling good about the way you're dressing can be really tough. By adding layers, we can be prepared for the unpredictable weather we get and by having some simple staple items, we can dress to feel good whilst feeling comfortable in the cold too. Here's my perfect outfit look for the weather right now...

A couple of decent pairs of jeans will see you through and go with everything. I love wearing tee shirts, especially under knitwear which can often feel a bit harsh on the skin and be too airy by itself. With accessories, pick neutral colours and patterns that will go with most things and embrace the winter look with nordic knits and faux fur. I love mittens and bobble hats this year too!

Get yourself a decent all weather bag like the beautiful Kankens if you're regularly walking and carrying lots, to leave yourself free to keep your balance in icy weather. Find some perfect winter boots, lined for extra warmth and a decent sole with plenty of grip. Winter coats are one of my favourite things to buy each year but I always have to have a couple on the go, a lighter raincoat style one and something warm for the icy days. 

What would your perfect winter outfit be?