Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mama Style || January Favourites

January has been pretty good going and a nice start to a new year. I've felt much more myself recently, had a great big clear out of clothes shoes and accessories and I'm finding it so much easier to dress each day, seeing what I own, with clothes I know will fit.

With feeling more myself, I've been dressing in ways that make me happier, with only having things I love, that suit the style I look and embracing the odd touch of colour. Even on a night out I was able to just pick a dress, pop it on and go out instead of trying on all kinds of things that don't fit right or I'm not sure about. Less is definitely more when it comes to wardrobe contents!

I've been quiet on the blog during January, but I did post about layering up for a cool winter and shared my winter warmers lush list with things I'd love to add to my wardrobe to brighten up the cooler days.

For February I'm going to be really careful with shopping, making sure I only buy quality bits or things I adore (if anything). I hope to still be feeling good and dressing to make me happy.

What were your must wears this month?