August 30, 2019

Create || August Arts, Crafts & Creative

Having the kids home all summer has meant I've had far less time creating, but we have done some fun bits together like painting, toy making and cookie decorating! My Etsy shop has had an update and I started a new Instagram just for my art - Wafflemamaart which I want to be fresh new and colourful, so please do give me a follow there!

I've added to my sailor collection and also started a new Victorian circus theme set which I'm really enjoying. I hope to get stuck into some more portraits of inspiring people next month to give my shope a little variation, but here's a sneak peek of my latest prints...

I have a tonne of projects I want to get into during September as well as possibly attending a book reading for my Arboretum Eel book and a craft fayre! It's going to be a busy month but I hope to get time to frame up some more prints for our home and also get stuck into some painting as I have my canvas and wooden shapes here screaming out for some paint!

What creative ventures did you get up to in August?

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