Sunday, August 18, 2019

Kids Stuff || Scruff-A-Luv Families Review

Kids Stuff - Review

This week we were kindly sent a Scruff A Luv Families set to review, which is something both kids have been after since their release! The kids have seen adverts for the original Scruff a Luv, but the Families set is bigger and better than ever, with the possibility of discovering secret babies inside, as well as some surprise accessories along the way.

We were sent the pink mummy kitty cat and Soph was super excited to get inside and get her hands on her very own scruff finally. The toys come in a cardboard wicker style basket which is easy for little hands to open after the stickers are removed, instantly revealing their new friend...

Scruff a Luvs are no regular toy, they are rolled and shrunk into a tight little ball, which even without any features other than its scruffy sparkly matted fur, Soph was instantly smitten and straight in with the cuddles.

Before we got to work on the Scruff a Luv, Soph and Alf opened the 'advent calendar' style boxes containing surprise gifts, which are accessories to go with the toy itself.

In the surprise boxes there was a beautiful cat collar with locket charm, a brush to groom Soph's new cat and some adorable little outfits for the twin babies to receive. In hindsight, we'd have opened this last as the two little outfits were a bit of a giveaway that the cat was hiding twins and not triplets.

The next task was to wash our Scruff a Luv in warm water to clean its fur and untangle the matting on the fur. I think again in hindsight that we should have washed her longer, as she was still a bit matted, but if you know the patience of a five year old then you can understand why we carried on as it was!

Once wet, the large scruff toy will open up to reveal it's adorable babies! Both kids squealed with delight at this point and I know this is something I would have loved as a kid too. Soph discovered twin kittens, in different shades of pink and they are very very cute.

While the kittens dried, we gave mama kitty a bit more of a bath to ease her fur a little and give her a break as she looked pretty much like all of us after childbirth and needed some quiet time in the water! Mama is very scruffy at this point but also extremely cute and lovable.

Once rinsed, we popped mama on a towel with her babies to start the drying process. We chose to use a hairdryer, but I think you can pop them in the dryer if you have one for quicker (and probably easier) results.

After drying and brushing, the fur started to get more fluffy and less street cat, revealing her pretty pink nose and gorgeous big blue eyes.

Although I think we should have washed more initially, we managed to get mama cat quite fluffy and the whole process meant that Soph was very much attached to this cat family from the off, with a very jealous big brother insisting on joint custody!

The kids loved with toy experience and I'm sure they will be coming to our house again for future birthdays and Christmases. These cost around £30 for the set, and although you're paying a lot for the toys at the end, it's all about the process, the surprise elements and the fun and excitement of birthing this new family of animals. I would totally pay this price now I've seen how much joy this brings and I felt that it was all good quality, a well designed set and too flipping cute for words. I love scruffy mama and the fact that Soph felt like she 'made' her, made it even more special, what a great idea for a toy!

Scruff a Luv families are waiting for their new homes in all good toy stores right now, but if you can't wait, I have one to give away to one lucky reader! Just enter via the Gleam app below... Good luck!

Giveaway open to UK residents only, one prize, one winner, prize provided direct from Scruff a Luv. Winner will be contacted direct, if no response within one week of contact, another will be chosen at random. Post may contain affiliate links.