Thursday, August 01, 2019

Healthy Mama || July Health, Hair, Skin & Body

July has been a mixed month, with feeling mentally boosted with a new job and the start of the summer holidays, to feeling enormously uncomfortable in the heat and having a severe lack of sleep. I've been trying to keep up some sort of regime when it comes to my health and although I do need to now shift my focus to weight and diet, I am feeling quite good generally. Here's a little more about my health this month;


I've managed to hold off from bleaching my hair since around February time which is a massive achievement for me having been lightening it at home for around 17 years. For some reason, perhaps my age or my vitamin deficiencies, my hair could no longer handle bleach and was just falling out or breaking off, leaving me with messy broken ends and weird 'layers' that shouldn't have been there. Admittedly, I get seriously tempted every week to sort my roots out as they look awful, but I'm convinced that it'll be worth the wait in the end and it's already starting to feel in much better condition with length growing back and a smoother look to it without all the random broken bits. I just need to try and hold off until Christmas with the bleach and I'm sure I'll see the benefits but it's hard going with horrid brassy ends and grey looking mousy roots.

To keep the edge off, I have been sticking a colouring conditioner on to help blur the edges and even out the colouring a bit which does help a lot, but the urge is still there to dye. I have considered a root stretch, but worry about the colour match so I'll be holding out for now as I think I'd rather long darker hair that's healthy than short bleached hair which is the way I was heading.


July has been a bad skin month and I'm not entirely sure why. One thing I've tried not to do do is wear foundation when it's super hot, as it just sweats off and I think because my skin can't breathe it clogs my pores even more and gives me spots. I've been religiously cleaning my face at night, but it's really spotty and lumpy at the moment as well as feeling itchy and irritated so I need to switch products for a while I think to see if there's any improvement.


I feel a little fed up at the moment with my body, which is my fault but a long slow process to fix which I'm struggling to start. I know I need to eat better, exercise more and give myself water, but I'm just hopeless at keeping it up. I'm not at my highest weight aside from when I was pregnant and it's pretty scary as I can feel the negatives of the extra weight creeping in already. I'll be focusing on this for August and trying to make a good start into beating this and getting a little healthier.

My mental health has been slipping a bit the last few weeks but I'm determined to not let it slip again badly, so I'm limiting myself from social media, taking lots of self care and will be trying to get more sleep as that definitely helps. 

I'm hoping I'll feel a little better in August and start to improve my health again and the way I feel. How have you been in July?