August 11, 2019

Mama Life || 10 Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer For All The Family

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There's nothing greater in summer than exploring the outdoors and we don't have to rely on the sunshine to have a good time. No matter how old you are, it's never too late to try something new and you may just discover a new hobby for life or at the very least tick something off the bucket list and have a fun day trying something new.

If you're looking for some new things to try this year, take a look at this selection of ten activities to enjoy with the whole family and see if there's something you could try close to home or on your summer holiday this year. Just be sure to check out what equipment you need as well as any outdoor clothing from places like Orvis to make you feel the part and keep you safe on your adventures. Which of these can you tick off your bucket list?


You don't need to fork out hundreds of pounds on all the gear, as there's plenty of surf schools offering one off lessons up and down the British coast. If you're heading down to the west country then there's details of surf schools and lessons nearby in any tourist information centre or with a quick search online. Although it's not the easiest sport, it's a great one to try out if you haven't already and lots of fun for all ages. If you're not confident enough to surf, then body boarding may be a good option for you, offering a cheaper and more accessible alternative you can try out all by yourself.


Crabbing is our favourite summer activity, especially down in Devon where the crab catching is pretty much a ''shooting fish in a barrel" scenario. This is a perfect day filler for all the family, costing just a few pounds for a bucket, crabbing net and bait. We find that smoked bacon works really well, so if you have any that needs using up keep it for crabbing to lure in the biggest snappers. Kids adore crabbing but it's as much for us adults too, just have a quick search for the best and safest crabbing spots in your area or holiday destination.

Rock pooling

An old classic but if you're yet to revisit rock pooling as an adult I can thoroughly recommend grabbing a cheap net and bucket and heading to the coast. Even without kids this is fun, but kids will love exploring the pools, seeing what creatures they can discover and learning all about the British coastal wildlife. Be sure to check out the tide times before you head to the beach for optimum rock pooling times.


Sailing isn't just something for the rich folk to enjoy, you can have simple sailing lessons in small boats such as Toppers, hire a row boat on a lake or even head out on larger boat rides as a spectator. Around our coasts there are places to spot whales, dolphins and seals, with birds such as puffins too. There's nothing quite like heading out into the big blue with your family, but if you're inland then there are plenty of beautiful lakes to explore and sail in too.

Mountain biking/cycling

Again there is no need to fork out for all the costly equipment when there are plenty of bike hire shops around, especially in places hosted by the Forestry Commission and sea side hire shops. Wherever you live or are heading to on holiday, there's sure to be some suitable trails nearby for you and your family, with gentle cycling routes or down hill biking adventures.

Horse riding

Horse riding is a lot more accessible to us than you think, with plenty of riding schools offering single lessons, or pony treks through places like the Welsh mountains for example. Prices vary enormously depending on location and length of the lesson, but if you're new to riding horses then it's a great one to cross off the list and a really fun experience for all the family.


Exploring some of the beautiful caves we have here in the UK can be truly breathtaking. Seeing the natural sediments in the rocks and the way the water and rocks create stunning formations makes for an epic family day out. For a safer more organised exploration, find a cave experience with tour guides such as Kent's Cavern in Devon, or brave the unknown exploring natural caves around the coast. Just be sure to check reviews first if you have smaller children so you know what to expect before making the journey.

Fossil hunting

If you have little treasure hunters in your family, then heading out to a good fossil hot spot and searching for the goodies nature has left behind can make for a very exciting day out. If your kids (or you) are into dinosaurs, then finding treasures from Jurassic times or even just some pretty plant or sea creatures in fossils can be so much fun. Beach combing is one of my favourite hobbies anyway, but finding something that has been in the making for thousands or even millions of years is very rewarding. As well as being out in the fresh air, this is an all weather activity, perfect for our unpredictable summer weather days. Check online to see where on the coast line is best for fossils, take some good footwear, a change of clothes and get hunting. Some rocks may need breaking, but it's best to take them home to do this safely, and check out some videos first to make sure you're preserving as much as the fossil as possible. Once you've discovered some fossils of your own, you can use these to press into clay to make jewellery, take rubbings from them by overlaying paper or trying to draw the designs at home. Be sure to capture a picture of where you found the fossil too, as some may have geological importance in terms of knowing the history of the area. Even just regular rocks can be packed with sediments, crystallised ares or have holes that can be interesting, so no bad can come of a day out fossil hunting!

Geo caching

Geo caching is a very underrated family activity but can be very fun. There's websites and apps available for this, which is essentially one big treasure hunt hide and seek game. You look for caches (little capsules hidden, containing a log book or small items) all over the country using GPS, it makes a long family walk a lot more exciting along the way.


Climbing doesn't always have to mean braving the biggest cliffs or mountains, but there are heaps of ways to enjoy climbing indoors and out and it's a brilliant low budget family activity. On rainy days an indoor clip & climb venue is a great place to start, but finding an outdoor climbing centre on nicer days can feel a lot more exciting.

As with most family days out, a little research before you head out is a great idea. Check any weight, height and age limits as well as costs, weather and tidal information if applicable. There are a million things to try in the outdoors this summer and beyond, so why not try something new this week?

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