August 28, 2019

Kids Stuff || Back To School With The Maped Picnik Range

Kids Stuff || Review

With just a week left of summer, we're gradually putting together the last of our school uniform and slowly getting our heads round the fact that our chilled summer days are coming to an end, to be replaced with manic school mornings, endless school washing and the start of packed lunches!

Up until now both kids have qualified for the free hot meals at school, but like many kids in the UK, the funding stops after year two so for Alf and many of his pals, it's time for packed lunches each day. Unfortunately for me this adds another job onto our day and is one more thing to remember, but thanks to Maped Helix and their kind gifts from their Picnik range, I can now cross the lunch buys off the (huge) list of things to prepare - hurrah!

I thought I'd show you the products we were sent and introduce the range, as it's a little different from the norm, great quality and best of all - the kids think they are fab! Here's a sneak preview, with more details below...

As you can see above, we were sent the Picnik snack box, water bottle and lunch bag. All these products have a fun cartoon style pattern on and received a hugely positive reaction from Alf when I introduced him to his new lunch wares for school! We had been looking at lunch accessories but this set is much better than anything we had found. Here's a little more on each...

Lunch bag

  • Easy to open, just 1 handle to pull to open the zip
  • Insulated to keep food fresh
  • Opens fully for easy cleaning, easy to wipe lining & base
  • Handle and shoulder strap, water bottle holder and name card holder
  • Plenty of space to carry the matching Concept water bottle and lunch box

The handle and shoulder strap give the option to carry or use hands free which is great with all the bits and bobs kids have to take to school some days, it also makes it easier to hang up at home somewhere where I won't forget to fill it each day! It's super easy to clean with a nice big simple cooling interior space and I like the fact it has the name holder as well as somewhere to keep the bottle. The zip is very strong with easy grip looped handles, there's even a pocket at the front to keep cutlery, cards etc which is a great touch.


  • Easy to open protective cap to keep drinking spout clean
  • 100% leak and spill proof - push system automatically seals when you stop drinking
  • Easy to clean with a large opening. Drinking nozzle can be disassembled for full wash
  • BPA free plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 430ml capacity

The best thing about this for me is that it's super easy to clean, I can't be doing with bottles that need instructions to assemble them and although this will mainly be used for water, it's good to know it can be thoroughly washed in between uses. I also love that its spill proof, so I know he's going to have plenty to drink and also not spill it on his school work or in the car if we use it on days out! The bottle opens with a simple click of the button and slides perfectly into the side pouch on the bag.

Lunch box

  • Easy to open - just 1 turn of the lid fastener, 1 movement system
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe, no sharp corners, removable helix
  • Only 1 box to carry a full lunch, suitable for both children and adults in work, play or school

This box has such a unique design and I love the helix lock on top! It's very easy for little hands to open and chunky feeling, very robust! Dishwasher safe is always a huge plus for us and the fact that the smaller sandwich box fits inside is a plus. This has great space inside for a decent lunch, without feeling too hefty, whilst also fitting perfectly into the lunch cool bag for easy transportation with room for other food bits too. 

Overall we are super impressed with this lunch set and it's the ultimate lunch companion for kids. The design is really nice, with high quality materials and it's hardy and built to last which is an absolute must when it comes to things for kids to use, especially on a busy school day. A lot of thought has gone into the design of these products, in a practical sense as well as visual and it really makes a difference. I can really recommend these if you are still on the hunt for your perfect lunch boxes for the Autumn term!

To see more from the range, click here to visit the Maped Picnik product site.

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