Friday, August 23, 2019

Home Style || Five Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

Home Style || Collaborative Post

Colour can impact the way we feel and this can be important in your living space  as well as in other areas of our lives. You want to have a positive and happy space to come home to at the end of every day, so balancing your home with the right hues to suit your style and home can be just the thing to achieve the perfection you've been looking for when it comes to home decor.

Although embracing colour can be pretty scary, especially in a world of monochrome 'Hinch' homes, it's fun to experiment with, makes a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. Remember, nothing is forever if you decide it's not for you, so have fun, get shopping and let a little colour into your life. Here are five different ways you can add colour to your home...

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are a great way to add colour to your home, as they’re fairly easy and affordable to change around when you get bored, with no hard work involved when you want to change. Throws and cushion covers can change through each season, or whenever you feel like a change is needed. Rugs are great to add a pop of colour to your floor, but also to add that warmth to your room, particularly if you have wooden flooring around your home. Blinds and curtains can frame your windows and shapes the room if you go for bold colours or prints. Don't be afraid of those bold patterns and prints or having a variety of different styles, they can really make a room 'pop'. Your home needs to represent you too, so you can find a way to tie in all your tastes to create the right look - fabrics are the perfect solution for this.

Wall Art

Many people tend to neglect their walls, and this is something that’s worth focusing your attention on. With so many paintings for sale online and in boutique stores, you should be making use of what’s available and what’s been created to hang on your walls. Look at what styles you like and take notes about what kinds of artwork you enjoy looking at, and not just what’s trendy. Incorporate artwork in all of the rooms in your home so that it gives your guests something to look at and that draws attention more to the surroundings. You could choose bold typography, traditional paintings or inspiring prints, and again - a mix of styles works really well, especially in a family of different ages and tastes.


Nature is a great way of injecting some colour into a space and not only that, it’s also super beneficial for the air you’re breathing in. Plants are also meant to be a mood booster, so the more you have in your home, the better. Whether it’s some flowers in a vase or some potted plants hanging on your windows outside, get as much of it indoors and out as you can. Remember that some plants might need specific living and watering requirements, so only buy the plants you can commit your time to. If you’re someone that’s busy, then find ones that are harder to kill or are virtually unkillable. If like me you're not great at keeping plants alive, choose things like cacti, succulents and anything hardy that thrives on neglect!


Finally, there’s a lot you can do when it comes to your lighting. LED lights can now offer different colours that you can set and change to alter the mood of the room. This can be great when entertaining guests or loved ones. You’ve also got the option of picking cool or warm lighting and also shade choices, so without having an actual colour, you can completely alter the feel of the room to suit your mood or space. Some lamp and light covers can create shapes and shadows around the room just due to their style and design, and natural lighting should be taken advantage of too. With the right coloured blinds or curtains, you can alter the colour shade of the room simply by using the natural light of the sun and making the most of any shadows.

Paint Furniture

Any furniture in your home looking a little dull and worn? Then paint is a great way to incorporate some colour but on a budget. Paint doesn’t cost a lot, so it’s certainly worth doing if you’re short on money. Upcycling your old furniture can not only give it a completely new lease of life, but also save money and make a big statement, especially if it's an old favourite or a piece that tells a story. 

Good luck adding colour to your home and remember to have fun, hit up Pinterest and be brave!