August 19, 2019

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While we are still enjoying the longer brighter days of summer, it's the perfect time to get all those pesky little jobs done in our homes and garden, so that when temperatures start to fall in Autumn we can relax knowing that all those hard to reach annoying little home repairs are all taken care of. Here's some tips for some of the most common home repairs and when to know if it's a DIY job you can tackle yourself, or one to call out the pros for.

Squeaky floorboards

Many of us put up with the odd squeaky floorboard, but it's a sign that something needs attention and usually a pretty easy fix. If it looks like something major, then before interfering with boards and their attachment to your joists, it's worth calling in someone who specialises in this area to see what needs doing. Sometimes, it's just a case of the wrong nails being used, but sometimes you may need to replace an old board entirely. One quick hack for a small but annoying 'squeak' is to sprinkle some talc on the area, rub into the cracks with a dry cloth and the talc will prevent the wood on wood noise. You could also replace any loose nails/screws to make sure everything fits well before re-laying your flooring or carpet. Although usually a small fix, it's one that you will be thankful to have fixed during those long cold nights in winter.

Dripping tap

Usually, a dripping tap simply means that the washer inside has become worn over time and just needs replacing. Usually this is something we can do ourselves (just make sure to do your research first before flooding the kitchen/bathroom!), but you may find it quicker and easier to call out a plumber, especially if there is any other cause. This is a quick and easy fix for a plumber, so will be a relatively cheap fix, though worth every penny not to have to lay in bed listening to that annoying dripping sound. 

Intermittent television signal

Watching TV with a poor connection can be utterly frustrating, and it's well worth sorting before those colder nights and cosy TV sessions begin. Usually, a bad signal indicates that there may be a poor cable connection between the TV and the aerial, though you may also experience problems with connections to digital devices too. For jobs like this, if there's nothing left at your end that you can try such as a new aerial cable, then calling out local aerial installers can be a good call to get the problem sorted. The last thing you want to do is to scrabble round on the roof, even if it is lovely and sunny! This ones definitely best left for the professionals.

Cracked tiles

Having a cracked tile in your bathroom or flooring can cause greater problems down the line, so fixing it as soon as you can, will help you avoid damage from water seeping through or injuries to our little ones hands and feet. With broken tiles, you have two simple options. The first and more tricky option is to replace the tile entirely, which although fiddly does leave you with the perfect 'good as new' finish. This is relatively easy if you have a spare tile or can buy a good match, but if you don't feel confident doing it yourself, then it will be a quick low price job for a pro tiler.
The other option is to simply repair or cover up the crack, making it look better, though not completely as new, but preventing water leaking through or risking injuries from broken pieces. To fix a cracked tile, you could head to your local DIY store and pick up some tile fix products, with plenty on the market to choose from, you can make the right choice for you. 

Broken shed/fencing/gates

Fixing woodwork is the perfect summer garden job, while you can work outdoors and get the job done while it's warm and you're not battling with the elements. Your wood areas may just be in need of it's yearly treatment to protect the woodwork, but if you have any major fixes these tend to be a lot easier and less scary to attempt by yourself than messing with things like plumbing for example. It's also worth making sure hinges are oiled and protected and that any locks are still secure and not damaged from rust. 

Boiler service

The boiler is the main thing we want working well in the colder months, so while it's sat there unused this summer, it's well worth paying out for a boiler service, which costs around £80 per year if you're not part of a pay monthly service. The service will ensure that your boiler is working efficiently, that there are no leaks or issues and that when the house starts getting chilly, it's there when we need it. 

Summer is the perfect time to undergo any major home improvements too, such as re-decoration, extensions and new kitchens. So if you're dragging your heels on a big project, then it's time to get into action as believe me it's a thousand times easier this time of year with lighter evenings and drier days. For these smaller DIY jobs, I hope this post helps and remember that there are heaps of tutorials out there and most professionals would be happy to come out for free to give advice and quotes where needed.

What's on your home to do list this summer?

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