August 13, 2019

Mama Life || Buying Gifts For A New Neighbour

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Starting a new job, going somewhere new or even picking up the phone can sometimes be very overwhelming, but moving into a new house in a new neighbourhood can be the most daunting venture of all.

Welcoming new neighbours with cards and gifts may be something we mostly see in the movies, but wouldn't the world be a far nicer place if we all reached out with a little gesture of kindness when a new person or family move in close by? For me, being welcomed with a card or simple gift would really break the ice and take away a lot of the dread of bumping into the neighbours. It's a way of opening up conversation and making your new neighbours feel happy and relaxed in their new home.

What to buy for a neighbour you've never met though can be quite tricky, especially as you don't know their style, tastes or needs just yet. With that in mind, here's some simple ideas to treat your new neighbour, welcoming them to your street.

Plants, seeds or flowers

Plants are always a safe option as even someone with little interest in gardening will still appreciate something like a pretty potted succulent or cactus. Avoid plants with flowers if they are an indoor variety in case of allergies, but when it comes to an outdoor plant gift, the more colour the better. A simple bunch of flowers is a gentle token of kindness and always goes down well, but if you want to be a little more creative then maybe choose some seeds they can grow from day one, creating their new home from the off.

Sweet treats

Sweet treats are always a winner, with chocolate gifts, good quality sweets or of course home made cakes if you're a good baker. Although there are many allergies around, it's impossible to cover every one just in case, but it is best to avoid things like nut based goods and stick to simple but tasty options instead. Sweet treats always go down well with the whole family, and may even give them a much needed boost of energy while they are busy unpacking.

Something for the kids

If your new neighbours have kids, then taking round some games or activities to keep them busy while the parents unpack and de-stress will go down very well. Children are often overlooked when it comes to gifting, but any parent will no doubt appreciate the acknowledgement and it will help to keep their kids entertained at such a busy time. Moving can be a big change for kids, so this relieves their anxiety a little too, knowing they are already surrounded by kind people.

Local produce

If your neighbours are new to the area completely, it might be nice to get them something locally produced to welcome them to their new part of the world. Whether your area is famous for its pies, a certain flower, honey or signature tipple, this would make a lovely gift with a simple gift tag alongside. If you're crafty, maybe you could even make something yourself that represents the area, maybe using local wild flowers or photographs.

A welcome hamper/basket

If you're up for something a little more varied, then creating a welcome hamper or basket is the perfect way to make them smile. You don't have to think big, or spend a fortune and it could be a simple cup of tea hamper with biscuits or coffee and cake. If you have a larger budget, you could throw a few more goodies in there and just think of things that will go down well after a busy move. You could maybe even pop some take away menus in that you've collected as you can bet the last thing they want to do is cook while they are still finding things in boxes!

That's my top five new neighbour gift ideas and I hope there's something there to cover every budget and taste in some way. Gifting to a new neighbour is more a gesture of kindness than anything, so you don't need to put too much money into it to start a new friendship with your neighbours. A simple card introducing yourselves can be more than enough and will be well received too.

Have you ever given gifts to a new neighbour?

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