August 29, 2019

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August has been a mixed bag as the kids haven't got on too well, but we've had lots of easy lazy days so I'm feeling a little more chilled and happy with extra cuddles from the kids. Here's a little more about my health this month;


I've managed to hold off from bleaching my hair still but I am feeling that it's looking a bit dull and tired now. I don't want to reach for bleach but I need to do something. Why are salons so expensive?? The condition is better and I've been keeping up with my hair food treatments, but the colour is something I'll be hoping to sort soon.


August has been another bad skin month but I'm keeping up with my routine, I've gone back to my old favourites and the redness has calmed down a little. I think if it doesn't clear up of bumps and patches I may have to get a proper facial or see a dermatologist to see what's happening as it's really frustrating. I know I don't have enough water though so this is probably the main issue.


I Started August focusing on my eating, listening to my body more and dropping a little weight but as the months gone on, old habits have kicked in. In September I plan on getting back into a better routine and dropping the snacks again. My back has been pretty good and I'm better at reading the signs now when it's telling me to slow down or not lift heavy things.

My mental health has been better with the more relaxed schedule but I can feel things playing up as we approach the new school term. I'm always a little anxious after such a long time away so I'm sure it will be fine and I plan on being kinder to myself to ease the transition.

I'm hoping I'll feel a little better in September and start to improve my health again and the way I feel. How have you been in August?

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