5 Ways To Beat The Post Christmas Blues...

Beating the post Christmas blues!

I hadn't really thought about it before, but this year I know some of those around me have really felt the hit of the 'post Christmas blues'. Thinking about it, I've definitiely suffered from them before and I am a little now too. I'm not one to fester for long, so I thought I would look at ways to crack out of this low mood and enjoy the rest of the holidays with my family. It's not so much 'blues' but just the fact that we have had such a busy time leading up to Christmas. It's been so much fun, with heaps of planning, excited children and seriously reduced sleep! It's bound to hit us at some point and suddenly having less to do, a house full of everything you can think of and a little extra bit of meat on the bones. So what can we do to feel better?


With the crazy run up to Christmas, it's no wonder we all feel swamped with tiredness after the big day has come to an end. Try and find time to put your feet up, have a pamper session at home or a treatment elsewhere with less distractions. Grab some rest while everything has turned a little more peaceful and catch up on that much needed sleep. However you like to relax, it will help lift your mood no end so it's really important to make that time for yourself. You might find a bit of retail therapy helps too, it may be as relaxing as listening to a brick in a washing machine, but hauling in those early bargains is a lot of fun, especially if you can escape child free and trade in those gift cards! Heaven.

De-Christmas & 'Spring' Clean

As much as I love getting the house all Christmassy ready for the run up, I love making the house tidy and clean again afterwards! It feels so much fresher, the rooms seem twice the size and the piles of new presents can be enjoyed instead of closing the walls in even further. De-Christmas your home as soon as you are feeling the blues. The extra space will make the house feel calmer, more peaceful and get you ready for the fresh start of the year to come. Give the house a full top to bottom clean, get rid of all those unwanted items to the charity shops, donate any gifts you will never use and get caught up with all those niggly little jobs that stack up normally. Having a cleared 'to do' list will instantly make your head clearer and make you feel happier. Treat yourself to some pretty new things for the house and make it a nice, happy place to be.

Make Plans

Get thinking of what could be causing those blues in the first place, is it going back to work? Getting back to the school run, the daily grind? Try and think of things that will make it all easier, less stressful and a little more enjoyable to get back to. Make a plan to get yourself back to it after the Christmas break, book a holiday, plan a family day out or a room makeover. Anything that gives you something to look forward to and focus on, is a big positive and will improve your mood no end. If it's a health/weight loss goal, why not start now or write some food plans, shopping lists and goals to get you focused and motivated for the year ahead.

Have Fun

Do something fun. It's simple - get outside, take in that fresh air and have a fun day. Go on an adventure, do something completely different and enjoy your family time, time off work and the freedom of not having the big day to plan for or gifts to buy. A day of fun, laughter and seeing others enjoy themselves will brighten your mood, as well as those around you.

Bin The Traditional Resolutions

I'm sure we have all made resolutions at one time or other. I haven't made any for a few years now as they were always too much too soon for the new year and it's impossible to change everything you do in just a matter of days. I always felt I was setting myself up to fail and who needs to start the new year like that?

Instead of the traditional resolutions 'lose weight', 'save money', reduce the pressure by making a yearly bucket list instead. List things you would love to achieve that don't weigh you down with immense pressure. Instead of saying 'lose X amount of weight' you could opt for 'complete the couch to 5k'. Pop on things you'd like to do throughout the next year, such as visiting a certain city, catching up with an old friend, learning to make something, painting that wall in the kitchen! If you really want to focus on a big change, you could overhaul your life with a new job or house move, but small achievable goals that you can tick off through the year are much more fun.

Whatever works for you, I hope the blues soon pass. It's hard this time of year with the lack of sunshine, seriously dented bank balance and sudden stop to all the excitement and celebrations. The kids are knackered, (we are too) and as much as we want to make the best of the holidays, the blues can unfortunately attack. Look ahead to the new year and see what fun you can have!

Thanks for reading,