My Week In Pictures

I love taking pictures as you may have guessed and sometimes some of my favourites don't see the light of day which is a total shame. I thought I would do a weekly wrap up including my favourite pictures. So here is a slightly belated picture story of my week last week!

Seeing the  city become beautiful and Christmassy is one of my favourite things. I love this florist and their Christmas displays are gorgeous.

I absolutely love the bones off this girl and she is becoming such a strong little character. We really have lots of fun as a family and now when the boys are at work and nursery we have cuddles and giggles galore. Isn't she beautiful?

The most beautiful mild sunny winters day I have ever known and we spent most of it in the park feeding ducks and cooing at pigeons.

Me and A did some fun baking while we reviewed the Oxo Cookie Press which was great fun and so delicious! How amazing are these Frozen style snowflake cookies!!

I am so proud of this boy and his start at the school nursery. I watched him at his first nativity and heard amazing things about him from his teacher. I love that others see how wonderful he is too! This week we met a photo booth which he found hilarious.

The kids were sent a sample play house and as much as building it with them 'helping' was much like pulling teeth, they absolutely loved it and had the best fun day with it. 

I treated my front room to some roses on our Aldi shop. They are crazy cheap and last forever. They are just completely beautiful. I need some more please Santa! I usually have to give birth to get flowers  but not now!

I was sent my very own personalised bauble from HomeSense for helping with their 'Hang a bauble' campaign in store and I absolutely love this!  It will have pride of place on our tree. I love this blog and this really made my week!

I'm a little up and down with my diet right now. My meals are pretty good but I am eating chocolate like it's the end of the world.  We have had some amazing  food though! All home made with zero nasties. Lots of new things to try for 2016 though!

So that's our lovely week in pictures. I can't wait to see what next week brings!