Kawaii Box: Review & Giveaway

I love the world of subscriptions! I used to work in the magazine subscription industry and it had me hooked from day one. I love the idea of having things you adore delivered straight to your door and they make such good gifts too if you can get it right. I shared some brilliant subscription ideas in a recent post where I  also mentioned I would be reviewing for Kawaii Box from Blippo! The time has come...

My Kawaii box (October edition) was sent over straight from Japan and I was able to track it online for it's whole journey - I love doing this, is it just me? The world of Kawaii is both weird and wonderful and if you are not familiar with it, it basically means 'cute' in Japanese - and it really is. Think pink, think Hello Kitty, sparkles, bows, Pikachu, adorable animated characters and hats with ears - you may not know it but you probably LOVE Kawaii and will definitely love the Kawaii box service!

***I am running a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a Kawaii box of their very own, but first here is a little about mine...***


I was so excited when my shiny little box arrived, I quickly opened it to see the beautiful Kawaii print tissue paper, a welcome card and the most adorable little face peeking from inside! I couldn't wait to rip it open and see what goodies were on offer this month. I have been watching the Kawaii box pages to see the unboxing each month and been really envious of all the goodies people are lucky to receive. Here is the contents of our box...

What's inside?

  • Meiji Sushi-Bar Gummies
  • Animal sticker sheet
  • Neko emoji mini mini pouch
  • Jewellery seal deco stickers
  • Popcorn rolling stamp set
  • Heart shaped nail flakes
  • Unchi-Kun Poop lollipop
  • Pattern envelope set
  • Finger family monster pouch
  • Lollipop pen
  • Flan dakigurumi plush pouch

Luckily for me, or rather my son A, the Unchi-Kun Poop lolly was poop by name and design only, but actually tasted lovely and made me chuckle. It's so hard to find Japanese candy over here it was nice to try some new flavours. I love the kookiness of Japan that is present in every Kawaii box item!

More sweeties! These sushi style gummies were a little hard to extract from the pack but so tasty and nothing like anything I have had over here. I love the idea of building sushi too, much more fun.

These were my favourite items! The plush pencil case and pen lolly. I am a giant 31 year old kid with a stationary obsession so this was right up my street. Totally adorable aren't they!

The finger family monster purse has to be the most bizzarre item in the box, my son loves it and it will be useful for his pennies! The ink rollers kept them entertained for a while so I am happy with that too.

I love the Kawaii box and as much as I love getting them now, the 17 year old me would have killed for a subscription like this! These are so much fun, the value of the products is around double the cost of the subscription which is always good too. This would make an amazing gift, big thumbs up from Wafflemama!

If you would like your very own Kawaii box, you can enter below to win a box for yourself! Good luck!