Our Family Christmas!

We've had the most lovely family Christmas this year, probably our most enjoyable and happy Christmas ever. It just goes to show that it's definitely not all about having money! Having two children has become so much fun (it has it's 'pass the wine' moments too) and this Christmas, watching the two of them get so excited about all things Christmas and enjoying the build up was great fun. Both kids had Christmas parties, A had a class full of friends to give little cards to and got a bag load in return, I remember those days! Baby S in her beautiful fairy dress, showed off her best moves at her little party. We had several trips to see the big guy in red, who may have looked ever so slightly different each time! One day Santa went down the river on a boat, all hell broke lose when all the kids clocked him until A turned to me and said 'That's not Santa, he's got a black pony tail!'. I love these moments.

We started the festivities with the house and tree decorating as well as the local reindeer parade and some Christmas baking with the kids. The whole of December just oozed Christmas and we enjoyed every second!

My thoughts were with those around us that have lost a loved one this year and we tried our best to lift the spirits of some of those less fortunate in our city by giving out Christmas treats. I'd love to do more of this next year, A loved it too.

We were truly spoilt with beautiful gifts and vouchers, as were the kids. I loved my new mugs and the fact my love of duck egg and mustard hadn't gone unnoticed! I can''t wait to hit the sales and treat myself to some guilt free shopping with my vouchers - heaven indeed for this shopaholic.

Baby received new 'babas' and accessories from family as well as a new pram from us (title picture - cute or what?!). A is superhero mad so everything had that theme and he has been transfixed to his Lego since he opened it on Christmas day, he has the best imagination! Mr W treated me to a Jawbone health monitor bracelet which will really help my fitness quest in the new year. I am already loving seeing how many steps I have completed and what little sleep I am actually getting! So much fun.

Here are some snaps from our Christmas week to give you an idea of what we got up to, enjoy!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and I am already exited for the next one, yes I will be one of those annoying people counting down the weeks!

Enjoy the rest of 2015 and an amazing 2016!