Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Make Your Own Christmas Eve Plate!

Getting Crafty For Christmas!

I posted recently about my love and excitement for Christmas eve with one of my favourite parts being setting the scene for Christmas night, including the ever popular 'Santa Plate'. Last year, I made my own for the very first time and I thought I would share this super easy and satisfying Christmas craft with you! 

The basic form of these plates has been around for a while now but you can simply change the text, pictures and layout to just about anything you want, these are so much fun and you could always do a matching mug too if you are feeling adventurous. I know - living on the edge!

What you will need...

  • Sharpie pens in a variety of colours - Black for text then anything you like on top! If you don't have any at home already, you can pick some up here.
  • A cheap white plate (value ones are perfect, charity shop or free sites too!) I'm using one out of the cupboard - let's not tell Mr. Waffle.
  • Something round to draw round (Approx 3 inch diameter depending on plate size and design!)
  • A pencil for marking out the details, you'll be pleased you marked it out first!

Step One

Firstly you need to mark out the layout of your plate in light pencil (i.e don't press too hard!) this will ensure all the letters can fit on so that any mistakes can be corrected, as it's not so easy once the Sharpie pens go on, though not impossible so don't panic! Write whatever text you are happy with. Personally, I much prefer 'Father Christmas' than 'Santa', but let's face it, Santa fits on a plate much better and you never here him complaining so Santa it is.

Step Two

Once you are happy with your layout, it's time to make it look super pretty! I'm opting this year for the text as well as cute coloured dots, and lots of colour. This is not a case of less being more! You can be far more creative, maybe choose a Frozen theme (less pen colours needed!) or maybe tasty Christmas food pictures - yum yum! It's all good fun so go for it, the more the merrier. These plates are great for children to decorate too and make great gifts.

Step Three

As it stands, your plate is finished, isn't it beautiful?If you want to re-use your plate for non festive things (bah humbug), you can put your plate through the dishwasher a few times and your designs will eventually come off, or simply scrub with a damp cloth! If you'd like to keep your lovely plate for future Christmases, you just need to heat your plate which will bake the pattern into the porcelain meaning it won't wash off quite so easily - genius. I'd still wash by hand just to be safe, but it will be a lot more permanent with a good whack of heat. For mine, I baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 170c (350F).

There we have it - a beautiful ready to use plate for our Christmas Eve treats made in less than an hour! I think the big guy would like a glass of Prosecco this year. Will you be making your own? What tipple will you be leaving out this year?

For some other fun Christmas craft ideas, you can join me in following Euroffice this December, with their brilliant 12 days of Christmas campaign, where they are giving a new idea and theme each day with lots of prizes to be won. I love the gift wrapping tips from day 6, which I will definitely be putting to good use! Click here to keep up to date with all their latest tips and giveaways!

Merry Christmas!


*Collaborative post