New Years Eve Party Sparkles For Kids

I always loved New Years Eve as a kid, it felt so special and actually going to celebrate in style at a party made it all the more exciting. NYE is all about celebrating the turn of a new year, a sparkly new beginning with happy positive promises. Whether it's a quiet family evening, or a big busy bash is on the cards, every NYE party needs to reflect the sparkle with its decorations, food and party gear. The best excuse for glitter - not that we ever need one.

I have picked out a few items out there to adorn your Children's New Years Eve celebrations this year. I will have a grown up version on the blog shortly too, but this ones all about the kids. My absolute favourites are the Chelsea boots and sequined cardigan.

I hate saying I can't wait for things to happen as time goes by too quickly as it is, but I am looking forward to one day having a party with the kids when they are older and all celebrating together!

What are you up to this New Years Eve? Will you be celebrating with your children or will you even celebrate at all? - I know so many that don't! Whatever you are up to, make it super sparkly and see the new year in with a bang, a fizz, a pop and a tonne of glitter!

Thanks for reading,