Toddler Feeding Time With OXO Tot!

Baby S has changed so much lately. One huge change has been her eating habits. My little bossy boots is very clear about when she wants 'snack snack' and has made it plain from a very early age that she would not stand for being spoon fed like a baby, as she was weaned with the 'baby led' method and ate with her hands. Now though, she will only eat with a spoon and/or fork and only holding them herself! To assist us with our new change in baby's development, OXO Tot kindly sent us some of their brilliant goodies, as well as a lovely new cup for A so he didn't feel left out. 

The products we were sent to try were the Twist Top Water Bottle, Raspberry Fork & Spoon Set, Raspberry Divided Plate and Raspberry Sippy Cup Set. As always with OXO products, these instantly felt great quality, sturdy and well made. Now to put them to the test.

Water Bottle

Firstly, the twist top water bottle (blue) had a fold away flexible straw and a little handle to carry it or hang on the pram etc. Both kids LOVED this but it was actually baby S (16 months) that opted for this the most. I think she loved the ease of the straw and the fact it was so easy to gulp back lots of water! She certainly drank noticeably more than normal. This bottle was super easy to clean, something I struggle with with some other bottles. The plastic and silicon felt really nice and hard waring. This was dropped a lot and I'm sure it wouldn't break easily. We were able to put this in the dishwasher and it came out good as new, very often they warp or discolour, this didn't. This is a brilliant cup that I would definitely buy again.

Rasperry Sippy Cup Set

Baby loves to empty the contents of her sippy cups out on her high chair, or actually anywhere she can get away with it, a total monkey at times. I wasn't ready for her to try the brilliant '360 degree' lid that comes with the sippy cup so instead let her use the spouted beaker. This was great, it didn't leak, it resisted numerous throws on a stone kitchen floor and washed up a dream in the dishwasher, again with no discolouration or warping. I loved the shape of the handles and the fact this had no little nooks or crannies for germs to hide.  The 360 lid was brilliant for A, who although uses a normal beaker, is extremely clumsy (it's in the genes) and spills his drinks pretty regularly. This cup was great for him - he actually liked this one best. It was very hard to knock over and when it did topple, it was nowhere near as bad as a regular cup. This is a brilliant cup for experimenting with the next step, if they aren't ready you can just revert to the spouted lid. The handles were easy for both of them to hold too.

Fork & Spoon

This cutlery is adorable! I find that kids seem to prefer metal cutlery as it's a little more efficient at scooping food, so ours usually end up with our adult ones but these are perfect. The easy to hold curved silicon handles fit baby's hand like a glove.

They were super easy for baby to use and she definitely handles them so much better than the adult or plastic cutlery. This went really well with the plate we were sent too as it fitted perfectly in the curves.

Divided Plate

I am a bit funny with my food and not very keen on things touching on my plate. With the kids food I like to have food separated, but more for portion control. I find it keeps them happier too and makes it easier to scoop things like peas. This OXO plate was the perfect size for a toddler and has three compartments, as well as a rounded removable side that is great for the early days of cutlery practise! The ring helps keep the food on the plate and just gives that extra bit to push the fork or spoon against - brilliant idea. 
As a set these items would be such a good gift for a new Mum or first birthday. The cups are great for all stages and would last for ages. The cutlery and plate were very easy to use for a 16 month old and even my four year old enjoyed the ease of 'catching' his food. You can view the full range of OXO Tot goodies on their website, but these get a big thumbs up from us.

Thanks for reading,


Disclosure: We were sent a sample for review, all words are my own.